cooker: use logger.exception for config file parse errors
[bitbake.git] / lib / bb /
2011-05-16 Chris Larsoncooker: use logger.exception for config file parse...
2011-05-16 Chris Larsoncooker: pass traceback back from parsing thread
2011-05-16 Chris Larsoncooker: show a useful message for ParsingFailure
2011-05-06 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Ensure skipped recipes make it into...
2011-05-06 Richard Purdiebitbake/cooker/codeparser: Ensure the code parser cache...
2011-04-04 Chris Larsoncooker: fix -b with BBCLASSEXTEND
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockbitbake/cooker: don't drop possible_world ref count
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockbitbake/[cooker|cache]: cache summary, license and...
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockbitbake/cooker: reduce code duplication
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockbitbake/cooker: add generateTargetsTree method
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockimplement command to find configuration files for a...
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockimplement command to get all possible targets and their...
2011-02-25 Chris Larsoncooker: use BBHandler.inherit for INHERIT
2011-02-25 Chris Larsoncooker: simplify vs data usage
2011-02-24 Richard Purdiebitbake/cooker: Fix parsing failure zombie problem
2011-02-16 Chris Larsoncooker: don't choke if we have nothing to parse
2011-02-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch '1.10'
2011-01-18 Chris Larsoncooker: also respond to SystemExit for execute_runqueue
2011-01-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'poky-sync'
2010-12-30 Richard PurdieImplement task signatures
2010-12-30 Richard Purdiecodeparser: Implement persistent cache
2010-12-17 Chris LarsonMove LAYERDIR expansion hack into DataSmart
2010-12-17 Chris Larsoncooker: ensure parseCommandLine can get BBPKGS
2010-12-16 Bob Foersterserver: fix interrupt handling for process
2010-12-16 Bob FoersterShow the user progress when loading the cache
2010-12-16 Bob FoersterRun the server and UI in separate processes
2010-12-16 Chris Larsoncooker: fix remnant rq/rqdata issue from poky sync
2010-12-16 Chris Larsoncooker: don't swallow recipe parse errors
2010-12-13 Richard Purdiebitbake: Split Runqueue into two classes, a data proces...
2010-12-11 Chris LarsonRename command events, adjust compareRevisions
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/cooker: fix idle command processing in servers
2010-12-09 Chris Larsoncooker: add shutdown/stop methods
2010-12-09 Chris Larsoncooker: merge cookerState and cookerAction
2010-12-07 Chris Larsoncooker: use a pool, abort on first parse error
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Allow idle handlers to pass through...
2010-12-03 Chris LarsonFix the <100 recipe progress fix
2010-11-30 Chris Larsoncooker: don't choke on <100 recipes to parse
2010-11-30 Chris Larsoncooker: no cached in progressbar and add ETA
2010-11-29 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'feature/parallel-parsing'
2010-11-29 Chris Larsoncooker: pass back child exceptions to the server
2010-11-23 Chris Larsoncooker: ensure that the cache sync completes
2010-11-23 Chris Larsoncooker: get number of threads in constructor
2010-11-22 Chris Larsoncooker: don't add info for skipped recipes
2010-11-21 Chris Larsoncooker: show progress bar before initializing the cache
2010-11-21 Chris Larsoncooker: save progress chunk value (total/100)
2010-11-21 Chris Larsoncooker: stop loading the cache for -b
2010-11-21 Bob Foerstercooker: don't fire unnecessary parse progress events
2010-11-21 Chris Larsoncache: sync the cache file to disk in the background
2010-11-21 Chris LarsonSplit up the ParseProgress event
2010-11-21 Chris LarsonImplement parallel parsing support
2010-11-21 Chris Larsoncache: create and use a RecipeInfo class
2010-11-21 Bob FoersterPrefer xrange over range for small performance gain.
2010-11-19 Chris Larsoncooker: fix UnboundLocalError
2010-11-18 Chris LarsonPre-explode rundeps/runrecs in CacheData
2010-11-04 Chris LarsonFix GraphViz .dot output for rdepends and rrecs
2010-11-04 Chris LarsonFix GraphViz .dot output for rdepends and rrecs
2010-10-21 Chris LarsonResurrect display of failed files
2010-09-28 Chris LarsonFix syntax issue and don't include 'd' in ui_queue
2010-09-28 Chris LarsonQueue up events before the UI is spawned
2010-09-10 Chris LarsonSimplify build exception handling
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'logging'
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonSwitch bitbake internals to use logging directly rather...
2010-08-11 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'data'
2010-08-04 Richard Fix case of -b option with a full filepath
2010-08-03 Richard PurdieAdd support for .bbappend files (see mailing lists...
2010-07-27 Richard PurdieFix handling of empty variables in local config files
2010-07-16 Richard PurdieRemove two layers of unnecessary functions from task...
2010-07-01 Richard PurdieFix handling of empty variables in local config files
2010-07-01 Jeff DikeMove the logger initialization from cooker to utils
2010-06-24 Chris LarsonAdd a warning if a BBFILE_PATTERN doesn't match any...
2010-06-21 Chris LarsonApply some 2to3 refactorings
2010-06-21 Chris LarsonUntil the interactive mode is fixed, kill it from the...
2010-06-16 Chris LarsonSwitch from our own 'dummywrite' class to StringIO
2010-06-10 Chris Larsoncooker: Kill __getitem__ usage on exception objects...
2010-06-07 Bernhard Reutner... cooker: use time.strftime() instead of spawing sh with...
2010-06-04 Chris LarsonSearch up the directory tree for bblayers.conf
2010-06-04 Chris LarsonAdd a hack to avoid the req that all vars using LAYERDI...
2010-06-04 Chris LarsonMove the unset BBPATH sanity check after the bblayers...
2010-04-21 Chris LarsonMove a var definition in cooker.parse_next
2010-04-20 Chris LarsonDon't try to expand non-string values
2010-04-14 Chris LarsonSearch up the directory tree for bblayers.conf
2010-04-14 Chris LarsonAdd a hack to avoid the req that all vars using LAYERDI...
2010-04-14 Chris LarsonMove the unset BBPATH sanity check after the bblayers...
2010-04-10 Chris LarsonApply the 2to3 print function transform
2010-04-10 Chris LarsonImport fixups
2010-04-10 Chris LarsonFormatting cleanups
2010-04-09 Chris LarsonEnsure we always utilize the correct messaging domains
2010-04-09 Enrico ScholzMade '-b' work with BBCLASSEXTEND
2010-03-25 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Finishing the command needs to happe...
2010-03-25 Chris LarsonBBFILES: use a set to remove duplicates when collecting.
2010-03-22 Richard Add support for a bblayers.conf file
2010-03-08 Bernhard Reutner... cooker: bail out early if no files to build
2010-02-25 Chris LarsonAvoid unnecessary calls to keys() when iterating over...
2010-01-22 Richard Purdiecooker: Drop unneeded import
2010-01-20 Richard PurdieImprove BBCLASSEXTEND handling for skipped packages...
2010-01-19 Richard Pass the datastore to the fire command, don...
2010-01-18 Richard Purdieserver: Improve idle handling timeouts
2010-01-18 Richard PurdieAdd none server type to avoid xmlrpc in the default...
2010-01-14 Richard PurdieSolidify server class creation
2010-01-14 Richard PurdieMove into lib/bb/server as