event/hob: Add a button for network tests in the proxy settings
[bitbake.git] / lib / bb / event.py
2012-10-11 Bogdan Marinescuevent/hob: Add a button for network tests in the proxy...
2012-09-27 Bogdan MarinescuAdd sanity check progress screen
2012-09-24 Jason Wesselevent.py, knotty.py, ncurses.py, runningbuild.py: Add...
2012-09-20 Christopher Larsoncompat, event: use OrderedDict from py2.7 for the event...
2012-09-14 Paul Eggletonlib/bb/event: improve handling of event queue on exit
2012-08-22 Richard Purdieevent/ast: Use better_exec instead of simple_exec
2012-08-02 Kang Kaimonitordisk: fire event DISKFULL when terminate build
2012-05-30 Paul Eggletonhob: handle sanity check failures as a separate event
2012-04-24 Dongxiao Xuevent.py: Add SanityCheck and SanityCheckPassed events
2012-02-23 Shane Wangbitbake: change for adding progress bar in Hob2.
2012-02-23 Dongxiao Xuevent.py: Add new events RequestPackageInfo and PackageInfo
2012-01-06 Dongxiao Xucooker: remove command import in cooker.py
2011-09-02 Richard Purdiebitbake/event: Allow event handlers to quietly raise...
2011-07-27 Paul Eggletonbitbake: show more information for NoProvider errors
2011-07-21 Richard PurdieMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2011-07-21 Chris Larsonevent: fix the event display order when exiting early
2011-07-01 Joshua Lockcooker|command|event: add new command findFilesMatching...
2011-07-01 Joshua Lockcommand|cooker|event: add findConfigFilePath command
2011-06-09 Richard Purdiebitbake/event/ast: Add RecipePreFinalise event
2011-06-08 Richard Purdiexmlrpc/event: Add ability to send pickled events to...
2011-06-02 Chris Larsonevent: don't catch systemexit from handler execution
2011-06-02 Chris LarsonMerge remote branch 'github/exceptions'
2011-05-16 Chris LarsonShift exception formatting into the UI
2011-04-04 Chris Larsonevent: improve output for syntax errors in handlers
2011-04-04 Chris Larsonevent: improve output when eventhandler exec fails
2011-04-04 Chris Larsonevent: register event handler functions, not code objects
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockbitbake/event: fix some whitespace issues
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockimplement command to find configuration files for a...
2011-03-03 Joshua Lockimplement command to get all possible targets and their...
2011-02-08 Chris Larsonevent: fix exception format
2011-02-08 Chris Larsonevent: limit the number of traceback entries to 5
2011-02-08 Chris LarsonShift traceback pre-formatting into LogHandler
2011-02-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch '1.10'
2011-01-10 Chris LarsonInject taskpid into log records via our log handler
2011-01-10 Richard Purdieevent.py: Improve debug about invalid events
2011-01-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'poky-sync'
2011-01-05 Chris Larsonevent: use BBLogFormatter in print_ui_queue
2011-01-04 Bernhard Reutner... event: fix unicode handler registration
2010-12-30 Chris Larsonrunqueue: resurrect use of file objects for pipein...
2010-12-16 Bob Foersterserver: fix interrupt handling for process
2010-12-16 Bob FoersterShow the user progress when loading the cache
2010-12-16 Bob FoersterRun the server and UI in separate processes
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonevent: use cPickle for events
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonbb.event: fix MsgBase ref in fire_class_handlers
2010-11-30 Chris Larsoncooker: no cached in progressbar and add ETA
2010-11-29 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'feature/parallel-parsing'
2010-11-21 Chris LarsonSplit up the ParseProgress event
2010-09-28 Chris LarsonFix syntax issue and don't include 'd' in ui_queue
2010-09-28 Chris LarsonQueue up events before the UI is spawned
2010-09-10 Chris LarsonTurn Event into a new style class
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'logging'
2010-08-27 Chris LarsonUse logging in the knotty ui, and pass the log record...
2010-08-27 Chris LarsonUse the python logging module under the hood for bb.msg
2010-08-11 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'data'
2010-06-08 Chris LarsonMove the output of no provider and multiple provider...
2010-04-10 Chris LarsonApply the 2to3 print function transform
2010-04-10 Chris LarsonImport fixups
2010-04-10 Chris LarsonFormatting cleanups
2010-04-10 Chris LarsonDon't run metadata event handlers for bb.msg events
2010-04-09 Chris Larsonbb.event: NotHandled and Handled are on the way out
2010-03-31 Chris LarsonAdd & utilize a simple_exec utility function
2010-03-31 Chris LarsonConsolidate the exec/eval bits, switch anonfunc to...
2010-03-25 Richard Purdiebitbake/event.py: Run class eventhandlers in the task...
2010-01-21 Richard Purdiebitbake/event: If the server disappears, we just exit too
2010-01-20 Richard PurdieImprove BBCLASSEXTEND handling for skipped packages...
2010-01-19 Richard Purdierunqueue.py: Improve IPC between worker threads and...
2010-01-19 Richard Purdieevent.py: Convert to using pickle for events and isinst...
2010-01-19 Richard Purdieevent.py: Drop unused events
2010-01-19 Richard Purdieevent.py: Pass the datastore to the fire command, don...
2009-09-14 Chris LarsonAdd a RecipeParsed event, which can be used as an alter...
2008-12-06 Richard Purdieevent.py: Remove the Pkg* events, the make no sense...
2008-12-06 Richard PurdieAdd the pid to the event messages so we can identify...
2008-04-06 Richard Purdieevent.py: Clean up the event handling code and some...
2008-02-26 Richard Purdierunqueue.py: Add StampUpdate event
2007-08-25 Richard Purdieevent.py: Add DepTreeGenerated event
2007-08-19 Richard Purdieevent.py: masked files are not included in total
2007-08-18 Richard Purdieevent.py: Add _message variable to PkgBase, add error...
2007-07-29 Richard Purdieevent.py: Add ConfigParsed Event after configuration...
2007-03-19 Richard Purdieevent.py: Add ParseProgress class
2007-03-19 Richard Purdieevent.py: Allow basic (ugly) UI event handler registration
2007-03-04 Richard Purdieevent.py: Remove data dependencies to resolve a depende...
2007-01-04 Marcin Juszkiewiczdrop shebangs from lib/bb scripts
2006-12-08 Holger Hans Peter... Add proper GPLv2 headers to all BitBake files
2006-03-22 Holger Hans Peter... lib/bb/event.py:
2006-03-22 Holger Hans Peter... bin/bitbake:
2006-03-13 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/lib/bb/event.py:
2006-03-07 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/lib/bb/data_smart.py,event.py:
2006-02-26 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/lib/bb/event.py:
2006-02-25 Holger Hans Peter... lib/bb/event.py:
2006-02-24 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/lib/event.bb:
2006-02-23 Holger Hans Peter... lib/bb/event.py:
2005-01-17 Chris LarsonUnbork our event classes a bit. Added a 'data' propert...
2004-12-07 Chris LarsonInitial import.