persist_data: use better items/values methods for SQLTable
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2011-02-11 Chris Larsonpersist_data: use better items/values methods for SQLTable
2011-02-08 Chris Larsonpersist_data: kill unreachable break line
2011-02-08 Chris Larsonpersist_data: loop on database lock for table creation
2011-02-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch '1.10'
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiepersist_data: Don't loop forever waiting on database...
2010-12-24 Chris Larsonpersist_data: unbork the resurrect of select lock wait
2010-12-23 Chris Larsonpersist_data: resurrect the lock wait for selects
2010-12-10 Chris LarsonRework the persist_data API
2010-11-19 Chris LarsonRevert "persist_data: cache connection and use cursor"
2010-11-18 Chris Larsonpersist_data: handle locked db for SELECT
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'logging'
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonSwitch bitbake internals to use logging directly rather...
2010-08-11 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'data'
2010-06-04 Bernhard Reutner... persist_data: cache connection and use cursor
2010-04-12 Chris LarsonApply some 2to3 transforms that don't cause issues...
2010-04-11 Chris LarsonSwitch some references to moved functions
2010-04-10 Chris LarsonFormatting cleanups
2009-10-17 Richard PurdieAdd a compare-versions command which returns whether...
2008-05-11 Holger Hans Peter... Allow to store the PersistData in a PERSISTENT_DIR.
2008-01-20 Richard Add sqlite version checks
2007-08-05 Richard Purdiepersist_data: Retry if database locked, update MANIFEST
2007-07-29 Richard Try harder to import an sqlite package...
2007-07-29 Richard Purdiepersist_data: Remove bogus testing code
2007-07-28 Richard PurdieAdd persistent data store module