hob: Error reports are done in a clearer way
[bitbake.git] / lib / bb / ui / crumbs / builder.py
2012-03-22 Dongxiao XuHob: Remove split model in GTK Hob
2012-03-20 Dongxiao XuHob: save CONF_VERSION and LCONF_VERSION into template
2012-03-20 Shane WangHob: show indicators on the tabs of the Hob notebook
2012-03-15 Dongxiao XuHob: Add stop button for parsing progress
2012-03-15 Dongxiao XuHob: Emit command-failed signal even if error msg is...
2012-03-15 Dongxiao XuHob: Show recipe/package editing button after base...
2012-03-15 Dongxiao XuHob: Remove the recipe/package populated signal
2012-03-15 Dongxiao XuHob: Remove the reset button in recipe/package selectio...
2012-03-01 Dongxiao XuHob: Fix pressing "stop" build
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob(crumbs/builder.py): adjust the main window's positi...
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob(crumbs/builder.py): remove the code commented out...
2012-03-01 Shane Wangcrumbs: fix button order in several dialogues
2012-03-01 Shane Wangcrumbs/builder: use the name Hob consistently
2012-03-01 Shane Wangcrumbs: Factor common dialogue configuration out
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob: include hddimg and iso into image types.
2012-02-24 Richard PurdieMove new files to the correct location