event/hob: Add a button for network tests in the proxy settings
[bitbake.git] / lib / bb / ui / crumbs / hig.py
2012-10-11 Bogdan Marinescuevent/hob: Add a button for network tests in the proxy...
2012-10-03 Cristiana Voicuhob/settings: alignment and spacing fixes on "Shared...
2012-10-02 Cristian Iorgahob: Improved behavior for error reporting window
2012-10-02 Bogdan Marinescuhob: Further improvements to hob dialogs
2012-10-02 Cristiana Voicuhob/settings: Change the 'Delete' button behaviour...
2012-09-28 Bogdan MarinescuFix bad merge of #2162
2012-09-28 Cristian Iorgahob: Error reports are done in a clearer way
2012-09-27 Bogdan MarinescuMultiple user interface fixes in settings
2012-09-27 Bogdan MarinescuAdd sanity check progress screen
2012-09-27 Ioana Grigoropolhob: Buttons width and height are taken for host
2012-09-27 Cristiana Voicuhob/settings: implement a new tab in settings dialog...
2012-09-20 Bogdan Marinescuhob/settings: Remove stray "distro" combobox from simpl...
2012-09-20 Bogdan Marinescuhob: Fix settings dialog issues
2012-09-14 Valentin PopaImplement 'settings' dialog as designed
2012-09-14 Jessica ZhangFixed hob proxy tab tooltip text per review suggestions...
2012-09-14 Paul Eggletonhob: don't reorder layers list
2012-09-07 Bogdan Marinescucrumbs/hig: Save toolchain in settings
2012-09-07 Kang Kaihob2: remove class hcc
2012-09-07 Kang Kaihob2: remove the hard-coded images map
2012-06-25 Kang Kaihig.py: use module tempfile to create temp file
2012-06-14 Kang Kaiui/crumbs/hig.py: simplify subprocess call
2012-06-14 Kang Kaiui/crumbs/hig.py: tweak strings
2012-06-08 Kang Kaihob2: update DeployImageDialog for seperated tool
2012-06-08 Kang Kaiui/crumbs/hig.py: check deploy process return value
2012-06-08 Kang Kaiui/crumbs/hig.py: remove extra spaces
2012-06-08 Kang Kaiui/crumbs/hig.py: fix run time error
2012-06-08 Liming AnHob: Change 'run image' work flow and image detail...
2012-05-30 Robert YangHOB: 'str' object has no attribute 'close'
2012-05-30 Kang Kaihob2: set beginning folders for FileChooserDialog
2012-05-23 Robert Yangreplace os.popen with subprocess.Popen
2012-05-22 Shane WangHob: reimplement the proxy page
2012-05-20 Liming AnHob:add function about clicked a row to load image...
2012-04-24 Dongxiao XuHob: Add proxy setting into setting's md5
2012-04-17 Dongxiao XuHob: Enlarge the upper value of image size
2012-04-16 Dongxiao XuHob: Fix contents in imagedetailsscreen
2012-04-14 Richard PurdieHob: A minor fix on tooltip
2012-04-11 Saul Woldhig/builder: use the new which_terminal() function
2012-04-10 Dongxiao XuHob: Fix tooltips in Settings dialog
2012-03-29 Dongxiao XuHob: Fix the setting hash calculation
2012-03-29 Dongxiao XuHob: Change the format to store image_fstype variable
2012-03-29 Joshua Locklib/bb/ui/crumbs/hig: fix layers_changed test
2012-03-29 Joshua Locklib/bb/ui/crumbs: hob progress bar should not be red...
2012-03-29 Shane WangHob: change some words in settings dialog to make them...
2012-03-28 Shane WangHob: allow users to setup the proxies
2012-03-28 Liming AnHob: use hob icon checker to check the gtk icon for...
2012-03-28 Joshua Locklib/bb/ui/crumbs: apply primary/secondary dialogue...
2012-03-25 Joshua Locklib/bb/ui/crumbs: use a PersistentTooltip for the Broug...
2012-03-25 Joshua Locklib/bb/ui/crumbs/hig: sort layers in Layer Selection...
2012-03-23 Joshua Locklib/bb/ui/crumbs/hig: tweak 'Add Layer' button per...
2012-03-22 Joshua Locklib/bb/ui/crumbs/hig: disable removal of meta-hob layer
2012-03-22 Joshua Lockui/crumbs/hig: make the layer selection dialogue more...
2012-03-22 Joshua Locklib/bb/ui/crumbs: Add HobAltButton and use it
2012-03-22 Dongxiao XuHob: change package classes selection GUI
2012-03-22 Dongxiao XuHob: Remove split model in GTK Hob
2012-03-20 Dongxiao XuHob: Fix advanced setting reparse mechanism
2012-03-20 Joshua Lockui/crumbs/hig: use close rather than OK for dismis...
2012-03-15 Dongxiao XuHob: Change Box's padding value
2012-03-15 Dongxiao XuHob: add "Close" button to "BinbDialog"
2012-03-12 Joshua Lockui/crumbs/hig: special case stock info icons in CrumbsM...
2012-03-12 Joshua Lockui/crumbs/hig: use HobInfoButton in place of gtk.Image...
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob: fix a bug that the image size is shown incorrectly...
2012-03-01 Shane Wangcrumbs/hig: tweak UI and layout of LayerSelectionDialog
2012-03-01 Shane Wanghig: try to avoid setting explicit dialogue sizes
2012-03-01 Shane Wangcrumbs: fix button order in several dialogues
2012-03-01 Shane Wangcrumbs: move towards more standard dialogue spacing
2012-03-01 Shane Wangcrumbs: Factor common dialogue configuration out
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob: include hddimg and iso into image types.
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob: cleanup those class methods in HobWidget
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob: fixed the issue in the brought-in-by dialog.
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob: avoid the image selection dialog to walk through...
2012-03-01 Shane WangHob: make HobViewTable more general in hob and make...
2012-02-24 Dongxiao XuHob: A new implemetation (v2)
2011-07-05 Joshua Lockhob: re-designed interaction and implementation