2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... bitbake.conf: use bb.utils.which
2010-12-17 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Ensure the last lines of functions...
2010-12-17 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Improve traceback to be more helpful...
2010-12-17 Bob FoersterTimeout UI runCommand calls if server doesn't respond...
2010-12-17 Chris LarsonMove LAYERDIR expansion hack into DataSmart
2010-12-17 Chris Larsonparse: use bb.utils.which
2010-12-17 Chris LarsonUpdate persist_data usage to the new API
2010-12-17 Chris LarsonRevert "build: stop injecting os/bb into __builtins__"
2010-12-17 Chris LarsonFix logging level names for post-server-ui-split
2010-12-17 Chris Larsonbuild: fix file mode for /dev/null
2010-12-17 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Improve traceback to be more helpful...
2010-12-17 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Ensure the last lines of functions...
2010-12-17 Chris Larsonbuild: stop injecting os/bb into __builtins__
2010-12-17 Chris Larsonbin/bitbake: [HACK] Empty ui event queue on shutdown
2010-12-17 Chris LarsonEnsure LogHandler is set up for the server construction
2010-12-17 Chris Larsoncooker: ensure parseCommandLine can get BBPKGS
2010-12-17 Bob FoersterResurrect alternative UIs
2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... utils: don't overwrite builtin dir() function
2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... bzr: use utils.remove instead of os.system
2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... build: use utils.remove instead of os.system
2010-12-16 Chris Larsonutils: drop unnecessary debug msgs from mkdirhier
2010-12-16 Chris LarsonForcibly shut down the server if the UI is terminated
2010-12-16 Chris Larsonserver: ensure the cooker is stopped when shutting...
2010-12-16 Chris Larsonserver: kill stdin/stdout/stderr
2010-12-16 Bob Foersterserver: fix interrupt handling for process
2010-12-16 Bob FoersterShow the user progress when loading the cache
2010-12-16 Bob FoersterRun the server and UI in separate processes
2010-12-16 Chris Larsoncooker: fix remnant rq/rqdata issue from poky sync
2010-12-16 Chris LarsonRevert "build: kill stdout in python functions"
2010-12-16 Chris Larsonrunqueue: fix remnant rq/rqdata reference from poky...
2010-12-16 Chris Larsonknotty: exit with 1 if we see a critical log message
2010-12-16 Chris Larsoncooker: don't swallow recipe parse errors
2010-12-16 Chris Larsonrunqueue: resurrect the fix in 90c2b6c
2010-12-16 Chris Larsonbuild: fix log file display
2010-12-15 Andreas Oberrittermanual: document scmdata=keep for CVS, SVN and Git
2010-12-15 Andreas Oberritterfetchers: Add parameter scmdata=keep to include .git...
2010-12-15 Chris Larsonbuild: fix FuncFailed for the no logfile case
2010-12-15 Chris Larsonprocess: handle OSErrors other than file not found
2010-12-15 Chris Larsonbuild: write logfiles per task, not per function
2010-12-15 Paul Eggletondata_smart: add optional expansion to getVarFlag()
2010-12-15 Chris Larsonbuild: fix copy/paste thinko regarding LC_ALL
2010-12-15 Chris Larsonrunqueue: fix check_stamp_task call in chck_stamp_fn
2010-12-15 Chris Larsonrunqueue: fix a get_task_id call
2010-12-14 Chris Larsonbuild: ensure LogTee has a valid name property
2010-12-14 Chris Larsonbuild: fix -D with shell functions
2010-12-14 Chris LarsonFix PWD issue with new exec_func_shell
2010-12-13 Chris LarsonEnsure that the invalid UI error goes to stderr
2010-12-13 Chris Larsonbuild: set PWD in the subprocess preexec hook
2010-12-13 Chris LarsonMove the runq task start/failed messages to the UI
2010-12-13 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Factor task skipping code into...
2010-12-13 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Create RunQueueExecute and RunQueu...
2010-12-13 Richard Purdiebitbake: Split Runqueue into two classes, a data proces...
2010-12-13 Chris LarsonSilence python 2.7 nested context manager warning
2010-12-11 Chris LarsonRename command events, adjust compareRevisions
2010-12-10 Chris LarsonRework the persist_data API
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonbuild: don't create ${B} when the 'dirs' flag is unset
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonevent: use cPickle for events
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonutils: fix 'lock' variable reference
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonbb.event: fix MsgBase ref in fire_class_handlers
2010-12-10 Chris LarsonKill the uncaught exception handler
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonbuild: kill stdout in python functions
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonbuild: send logging messages to the log file for python...
2010-12-10 Chris LarsonRevert "bitbake/ Make sure different branches...
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonbuild: fix remnant access of logfile in exec_func_python
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonutils: fix calls to close() in the lock/unlock functions
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonbuild: use a contextmanager for locks
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonbuild: use bb.process instead of os.system
2010-12-10 Chris Larsonprocess: add subprocess-based bits
2010-12-09 Chris LarsonRename the ui 'init' method to 'main'
2010-12-09 Chris Larsoncooker: use re match, not search in re_match_strings
2010-12-09 Chris Larsontaskdata: use 'any' in re_match_strings
2010-12-09 Richard Purdiebitbake/data_smart: Refactor _append/_prepend code...
2010-12-09 Richard Purdiebitbake/data_smart: Fix append/prepend/override orderin...
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/goggle: interaction tweaks
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/depexp: Factor ProgressBar into a separate...
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/crumbs: add optional pbar parameter to RunningB...
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/goggle: add a ProgressBar for parse progress
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/xmlrpc: Modify xmlrpc server to work with Pytho...
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/goggle: automatically show most recently added...
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/crumbs: fix the event name determination
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/crumbs: do the test for ignored messages sooner
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/crumbs: Fix crumbs UI for bitbake event class...
2010-12-09 Joshua Lockbitbake/cooker: fix idle command processing in servers
2010-12-09 Chris Larsoncooker: add shutdown/stop methods
2010-12-09 Chris Larsoncooker: merge cookerState and cookerAction
2010-12-07 Chris Larsoncooker: use a pool, abort on first parse error
2010-12-07 Chris Larsonknotty: use enumerate for task waiting
2010-12-07 Chris Larsonknotty: shift non-interactive progress into a class
2010-12-06 Chris LarsonMerged the following poky fetcher fixes:
2010-12-03 Richard Fix bb.copyfile to change the permissions...
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Improve better_exec debug output
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Give useful debug information when...
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Allow explode_dep_versions to handle...
2010-12-03 Mark Add a symlink for the logging
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Set BB_FILENAME to represent the...
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Note when calling functions that...
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Set the current taskname in the BB_CU...
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/server: Raise a shutdown event if we're seeing...
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Allow idle handlers to pass through...
2010-12-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Drop duplicated class