2011-01-10 Chris Larsonvim: handle highlighting exports without assignment
2011-01-10 Chris Larsonvim: add an ftplugin for indentation settings
2011-01-10 Chris Larsonbitbake: handle IOError from event_queue.get
2011-01-10 Chris LarsonInject taskpid into log records via our log handler
2011-01-10 Richard PurdieSwitch to fetch2 fetcher code based on the environment...
2011-01-10 Yu Kebb.fetch2: replace bb.fetch with bb.fetch2 in the bb...
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiefetch2/git: Remove duplicated code only added for backw...
2011-01-10 Yu Kebitbake: copy bb.fetch to bb.fetch2 as initial code...
2011-01-10 Richard Update log message to use the logger calls
2011-01-10 Richard Improve debug about invalid events
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiepersist_data: Don't loop forever waiting on database...
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Fix a bug where do_setscene depend...
2011-01-10 Richard Fix undefined schedulers variable reference
2011-01-10 Richard Add debug to help resolve partial log...
2011-01-10 Richard Add missing result return value in setscen...
2011-01-10 Richard Fix up some lost range->xrange conversions...
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiefetch/ Add missing debug level argument
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Add a signature generator which...
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiebitbake build/siggen/runqueue: Fix stampfile parameters
2011-01-10 Yu Kebb.utils: check if lock file is writable, to fix Yocto...
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Don't show log messages of NOTE...
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Add taskpid to all LogRecords...
2011-01-10 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Add named definitions for all logging...
2011-01-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'poky-sync'
2011-01-07 Chris Larsoncache: don't expand variables for skipped recipes
2011-01-07 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Fix del_stamp work correctly after...
2011-01-07 Lianhao Lubitbake/ corrected the output for shell syntax.
2011-01-06 Richard Purdiebitbake Stamp handling improvements
2011-01-06 Richard Purdiebitbake Use localdata for stamp handling...
2011-01-06 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Ditch the extract_stamp function...
2011-01-05 Chris Larsonparse: pass filename, lineno into the ast
2011-01-05 Chris Larsonparse.ast: drop __word__ regular expression
2011-01-05 Chris Larsonparse.ast: avoid code duplication for inherit
2011-01-05 Chris Larsonprocess: simplify the log option for run
2011-01-05 Chris Larsonevent: use BBLogFormatter in print_ui_queue
2011-01-05 Chris Larsonbuild: use logger.isEnabledFor, not getEffectiveLevel
2011-01-04 Chris Larsonbuild: kill unneeded environment setup bits
2011-01-04 Bernhard Reutner... ConfHandler: commentary typo fixes
2011-01-04 Bernhard Reutner... event: fix unicode handler registration
2011-01-04 Bernhard Reutner... cache: defer marking fn as clean
2011-01-04 Bernhard Reutner... BBHandler: use basename directly in handler()
2011-01-04 Bernhard Reutner... data: fewer newlines for (un)export
2011-01-04 Bernhard Reutner... parse: Use constants from stat instead of magic numbers
2010-12-30 Richard Purdieparse: save python functions into the metadata
2010-12-30 Chris LarsonInclude exported variables in task process env
2010-12-30 Chris Larsonrunqueue: start implementing quieterrors
2010-12-30 Richard PurdieOverhaul environment handling
2010-12-30 Chris Larsonrunqueue: resurrect use of file objects for pipein...
2010-12-30 Richard Purdierunqueue: clean up message log levels
2010-12-30 Kevin Tianrunqueue: use correct task ID when checking validity...
2010-12-30 Richard PurdieAdd support for 'noexec' tasks
2010-12-30 Richard Purdierunqueue: implement cache checking from metadata
2010-12-30 Richard Purdierunqueue: pass task hash information to tasks
2010-12-30 Richard Purdierunqueue: avoid unnecessary delays
2010-12-30 Richard PurdieImplement task signatures
2010-12-30 Richard Purdiedata: Add emit_func and generate_dependencies
2010-12-30 Richard Purdiecodeparser: Implement persistent cache
2010-12-30 Richard Purdiedata_smart: track variable references
2010-12-30 Richard Purdiecodeparser: add module for parsing shell/python
2010-12-30 Richard Purdierunqueue: implement scenequeue
2010-12-30 Yu Kefetch: add SRC_URI checksum
2010-12-30 Chris Larsonprocess: fix handling of the input argument
2010-12-30 Chris Larsonfetch: handle no sortable_buildindex for git
2010-12-30 Chris Larsonutils: kill unnecessary duplicated chmod
2010-12-29 Chris Larsonfetch: fix git rev key compat for sortable
2010-12-29 Chris Larsonbb.debug: handle caller not passing a debug level
2010-12-29 Chris Larsonfetch: resurrect branch inclusion in git revision key
2010-12-29 Richard Purdiefetch: Ensure SRCREV is still set correctly if the...
2010-12-29 Richard Purdiefetch: Fix named SRCREVS variable name ordering
2010-12-29 Chris Larsonbuild: fix empty function execution
2010-12-28 Chris Larsonbuild: work around do_clean issue by creating T in...
2010-12-28 Chris Larsonbuild: allow creation of FuncFailed with no function...
2010-12-28 Chris Larsonbuild: only warn about unset functions, not empty ones
2010-12-24 Chris Larsonpersist_data: unbork the resurrect of select lock wait
2010-12-24 Chris Larsondata_smart: don't include functions in name lookups
2010-12-24 Chris Larsonrunqueue: simplify next buildable task
2010-12-23 Chris Larsonpersist_data: resurrect the lock wait for selects
2010-12-22 Chris LarsonMerge remote branch 'foerster/depexp-sorting'
2010-12-22 Chris Larsonbuild: pass the correct filename to better_{compile...
2010-12-22 Chris Larsonutils: show the actual exception in better_exec
2010-12-22 Chris Larsonpysh: add missing os.path import
2010-12-22 Chris Larsondata_smart: handle None values in expandVarrefs
2010-12-22 Bernhard Reutner... runqueue: fix typo in documentation of calculate_task_w...
2010-12-21 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Ensure rqexe always exists and...
2010-12-21 Bob Foersterdepexp: add sorting of all package lists
2010-12-20 Chris LarsonUse os.devnull, not /dev/null
2010-12-18 Chris Larsonshell: remove
2010-12-18 Chris LarsonRevert "server: kill stdin/stdout/stderr"
2010-12-18 Chris Larsonserver: fix NULL file mode
2010-12-18 Richard Purdiebuild: Add support for pre and postfuncs for tasks
2010-12-18 Chris Larsonserver: drop none and xmlrpc
2010-12-18 Richard Purdieutils: Allow copyfile to copy files which aren't readable
2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... runqueue: use fewer newlines in error path
2010-12-17 Chris Larsonlogger usage cleanup
2010-12-17 Chris Larsonrunqueue: kill pre-server-ui-split remnant
2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... utils: fix typo in error message
2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... bitbake.conf: use bb.utils.which
2010-12-17 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Ensure the last lines of functions...
2010-12-17 Richard Purdiebitbake/ Improve traceback to be more helpful...
2010-12-17 Bob FoersterTimeout UI runCommand calls if server doesn't respond...