[EIBox] add summary (oled) support
[enigma2-plugins.git] / eibox /
2011-01-02 Fraxinas[EIBox] add summary (oled) support
2011-01-02 Fraxinas[EIBox] implement multiswitch widget
2011-01-02 Fraxinas[EIBox] add outlet, fan and pump switching functionalit...
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterfix file permissions of non-executable files
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterupdate build scripts
2010-10-19 Dario Crociadded italian translation
2010-10-07 Andreas Frischadd graphical visualization/control plugin for european...
2010-10-05 Andreas Frischadd new graphical visualization / control plugin for...