fix for newer versions of twisted-web
[enigma2-plugins.git] / menusort /
2011-09-01 acid-burnrework some meta.xml files. we need at least one catego...
2011-08-29 acid-burnuse python style escaping for quoutes inside menusort...
2011-08-20 Moritz Vennmenusort: fix changing order via gui again
2011-08-20 Moritz Vennmenusort: add hide functionality to gui
2011-08-20 Moritz Vennmenusort: hiding actually works now
2011-08-20 Moritz Vennmenusort: no longer overwrite hidden property
2011-08-20 Moritz Vennmenusort: add preliminary support for hiding entries
2011-08-13 Moritz Vennmenusort: speed up sorting a bit
2011-08-13 betonmeMerge branch 'master' of git://schwerkraft.elitedvb...
2011-08-09 Moritz Vennfix false assumption when updating syntax
2011-08-09 Moritz Vennupdate some syntax and make the code more future-proof ;)
2011-06-29 Moritz Vennmenusort: add help screen to explain double usage of...
2011-06-29 Moritz Vennmenusort: fix weights after reentering editor
2011-06-28 Moritz Vennmenusort: initial checkin