- add meta informations for upcoming extension manager (not yet activated)9
[enigma2-plugins.git] / networkbrowser / src / AutoMount.py
2009-10-24 Mladen Horvat- fix no more working nfs mount in some situations,
2009-05-28 Frank Lagefix umount for busy device
2009-05-11 Frank Nehlsfix typo
2009-05-06 Frank Nehlsadded new mount option "hdd_replacement". This function...
2009-03-15 Moritz Vennperl -pi -e 's/\r\n/\n/;' *.py
2009-03-15 Moritz Vennwhitespace cleanup,
2009-02-20 Mladen Horvat-add Networkbrowser and Mountmanager to easy browse...