Remove Depency to ReconstructAPSC Plugin (We never depended on it)
[enigma2-plugins.git] / permanenttimeshift / src /
2011-11-23 Homey[PermanentTimeshift] Fix broken import of translation...
2011-11-12 Andreas Monznerpermanenttimeshift: add missing DESTDIR
2011-11-12 Andreas Monznerpermanenttimeshift: remove unneeded files
2011-11-12 HomeyUpdated MakeFile
2011-11-12 HomeyAdded createAPSC Files binary with progress output...
2011-11-06 betonmeBugfix: Custom Input
2011-11-01 HomeyImplemented Workaround for early Enigma2-3.20 bug in
2011-11-01 Dr.Bestinitial checkin of Homey's PermanentTimeshift-Plugin