Add italian locale
[enigma2-plugins.git] / shoutcast /
2010-01-17 Dario CrociAdd italian locale
2010-01-09 Dr.BestSD-Skin adjustment
2010-01-03 Dr.Bestfix
2010-01-03 Dr.Besttranslation fixes
2010-01-03 Dr.Bestfixed duplicate message definition
2010-01-03 Dr.Bestshoutcast plugin: add support for custom localizations...
2010-01-03 Dr.Best-create an own favorite-user file based on default...
2010-01-03 Dr.Bestgive user the chance to cancel the start of recording...
2010-01-03 Dr.Best-show red button caption "stop record" when recording
2010-01-02 Dr.BestSHOUTcast plugin - initial checkin