changes for VLC 2.1+ mandatory HTTP password
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2012-08-29 Jürgen StrasdasAdd Persian localization. Thanks to Mehdi and Persian...
2011-11-08 reichiMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master...
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterupdate build scripts
2009-09-22 Andreas Monznerupdate/add some serbian translations
2009-07-07 WeeGullAdded Swedish translation to vlcplayer plugin.
2009-02-18 Moritz Vennlanguage update:
2008-07-03 Andreas Monzneradd italian translation... thx to Spaeleus (linsat...
2008-06-18 Andreas Monzneradd spanish translation
2008-06-11 Alex LtschNew: translations for VLC Plugin