fix error page on unknown cmd
[enigma2-plugins.git] / webinterface / src / WebChilds /
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennfix error page on unknown cmd
2009-09-23 Moritz Venncleanup
2009-09-11 Moritz Vennfix ipkg interface and remove some stray whitespaces
2009-08-28 Stephan ReichholfMerge changes to switch from twisted.web2 to twisted.web
2009-02-23 Moritz Vennuse tabs for indentation, whitespace cleanup
2009-02-03 Stephan Reichholftypo
2009-01-05 Stephan Reichholf* much simpler and way safer code
2008-10-28 Andreas Monznerfollow eConsoleAppContainer changes
2007-07-23 Andreas Monznerimport cleanup
2007-06-16 Rico Schulteadd Interface to IPKG under http://dm7025/ipkg