WirelessLan Plugin: - replace labels and buttons through StaticText for better skinab...
[enigma2-plugins.git] / wirelesslan / CONTROL / control
2009-09-25 Mladen HorvatWirelessLan Plugin: - replace labels and buttons throug...
2009-08-21 Andreas Monznerreplace cvs -> git in control files
2007-05-03 Stephan Reichholf* Add Status Screen
2007-04-08 Stephan Reichholf* fix deps
2007-03-21 Stephan Reichholf* fix package name to work with e2 plugin manager
2007-03-21 Stephan Reichholf* change depends
2007-02-06 Stephan Reichholf* Add License
2007-02-06 Stephan ReichholfInitial Release von enigma2 Wireless Configuration...