3 days ago Andreas Oberritterfritzcall: Don't hardcode libdir in Makefile.am master
3 days ago Andreas Oberritterc3vocupdate: use standard name format for meta xml...
5 days ago Andreas MonznerTeletext: ignore non DVB sevices
5 days ago Andreas MonznerTeletext: use eVideoWidget instead of hardcoded /proc...
12 days ago Sven HAutoTimer: fix for delete filter
2019-01-21 DrMichael[FritzCall] ADD: make http/https configurable, fall...
2019-01-07 Dr.Best[WeatherPlugin] Yahoo-API is retired. Switching back...
2018-12-27 Dr.Best[MerlinSkinThemes] provided by ketschuss: new Menü...
2018-12-27 Dr.Bestadd merlinskinthemes plugin
2018-12-25 dreEPGSearch: improvements on texts to make them better...
2018-12-24 dreAutoTimer: improve texts
2018-12-23 dreFanControl2: add missing initialisation of global varia...
2018-12-15 DrMichael[FritzCall] FIX list of calls with filter set
2018-12-02 Sven HElektro: Version 3.4.5c
2018-11-29 Dr.Best[MovieSelectionQuickButton] make sure that "Home"-Butto...
2018-11-18 dreEPGSearch: improvements on texts to make them better...
2018-11-12 reichiskipintro: make plugin desc translatable
2018-11-12 reichiadd "SkipIntro" plugin
2018-11-08 reichiwebinterface: append subdirectories to the end of ...
2018-10-23 DrMichael[FritzCall] CHG VirtualKeyboard bei Suche im Telefonbuch
2018-10-22 DrMichaelMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/opendreambo...
2018-10-22 DrMichael[FritzCall] FIX blue screen bei Suche im Telefonbuch
2018-10-17 Sven H[ShowClock] optimized HD-Screen
2018-10-13 dreShowClock: fix display issue
2018-10-08 DrMichael[FritzCall] FIX leere Anruflisten
2018-10-05 Dr.Best[fstabEditor] typo fix
2018-10-05 reichitwitch: fixup empty list handling
2018-10-04 Dr.Bestupdate some missing plugin icons (and some minor cleanups)
2018-10-04 Dr.BestRevert "update plugin icons (and some minor cleanups...
2018-10-04 reichitwitch: fix crash when pressing delete on empty favorit...
2018-10-02 reichitwitchtv: add TwitchTV plugin (initial) - requires...
2018-10-02 reichitubelib: add vod support for twitch
2018-10-02 reichiupdate plugin icons (and some minor cleanups)
2018-09-30 Sven HEPGSearch (OE 2.5) - new setup-option add history ...
2018-09-16 dhwzIMDb fixed title parsing and cast
2018-09-09 dhwzIMDb updated to new website layout
2018-08-17 DrMichael[FritzCall] FIX connection to FB
2018-08-17 DrMichaelMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/opendreambo...
2018-08-17 DrMichael[FritzCall] FIX internet connection with new FW's,...
2018-06-30 dhwzIMDb fixed cast
2018-06-30 dhwzIMDb fixed cover download
2018-06-16 DrMichael[FritzCall] FIX internet status with newer FW's
2018-06-12 dhwzEPGSearch added png to Makefile
2018-06-11 dhwzupdated EPGSearch (thx to Sven H)
2018-06-11 dhwzupdated AutoTimer to 4.3.1 (thx to Sven H)
2018-06-04 reichiwebinterface/stream: fix http(s) detection for websocket
2018-05-26 dre[EPGRefresh] - update display as well when remaining...
2018-05-24 reichiMerge pull request #17 from maluhi/streamserverseek
2018-05-24 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] Change timer handling
2018-05-22 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] callLater -> eTimer
2018-05-21 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] Retry segment download internally...
2018-05-19 dre[EPGRefresh] - Ask user whether to configure services...
2018-05-19 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] VOD
2018-05-12 DrMichael[FritzCall] FIX Status info for WLAN with newer FW
2018-05-08 reichipluginsort: keep path
2018-05-07 Andreas Oberritterwebinterface: fix installation after renaming LICENSE.txt
2018-05-07 reichirename html5 boilerplate LICENSE.txt to avoid confusion
2018-05-07 reichiWebInterface: Add experimental browser based stream...
2018-04-30 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] Stream-Button in MovieList
2018-04-30 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] Reverse-Proxy + Player
2018-04-25 Sven Hpipzap and PluginHider (OE2.5) (#15)
2018-04-25 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] Web-Controls Slider
2018-04-23 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] Support old dreamrtspserver HLS
2018-04-23 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] Fix Makefile
2018-04-23 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] 302 Found
2018-04-23 Martin Hirte[StreamServerSeek] Stream WebChild
2018-04-21 Dr.Best[MerlinEPGCenter] removed MiniTV renderer (only availab...
2018-04-21 DrMichael[FritzCall] FIX: gesperrte Nummernanzeige, WLAN mit...
2018-04-20 Dr.Best[MerlinEPGCenter] zPosition fix for FHD_default.xml
2018-04-20 Dr.Best[MerlinEPGCenter] let enigma2 center picons in lists...
2018-04-16 Martin HirteStreamServerSeek: Initialize properly
2018-04-16 Martin HirteInitial commit of streamserverseek
2018-04-13 Dr.Bestinitial checkin of MerlinSkinThemes
2018-04-08 dhwzfixed Makefiles
2018-03-31 dhwzMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/opendreambo...
2018-03-31 dhwzIMDb: fixed credits
2018-03-28 reichiRevert "satipclient: always set force_plts:1"
2018-03-27 reichisatipclient: always set force_plts:1
2018-03-24 Dr.Best[MerlinEPGCenter] add key "instandRecord" (requested...
2018-03-24 Dr.Best[MerlinEGCenter] add support for default FHD skin
2018-03-24 Dr.Best[MerlinEPGCenter] follow DMM changes for timerlist...
2018-03-21 dhwzMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/opendreambo...
2018-03-21 dhwzc3vocupdater: skip non-existing playlists
2018-03-21 maluhiEPGCopy: Use current time to calculate timer value
2018-03-21 maluhiEPGCopy: Reset Timer on config change
2018-03-19 dhwzIMDb: fixed cast and cover download
2018-03-13 reichiinternetradio: stretch buttons
2018-03-10 dreFilebrowser: last fixes
2018-03-06 dhwzMerge pull request #13 from maluhi/epgcopy-fix
2018-03-06 maluhiEPGCopy: Use proper English
2018-03-05 maluhiEPGCopy: Load EPG into memory after timer-based copy
2018-03-04 dreFilebrowser: hopefully last fix for directories
2018-03-03 dreFilebrowser: some rework to handle directories correctl...
2018-02-28 dreFilebrowser:
2018-02-26 Andreas Monznerfixed FHD recognition (copy & paste error)
2018-02-24 dreWebInterface: add correct keyid for rewind/forward...
2018-02-20 DrMichael[FritzCall] ADD more choices with connection infos
2018-02-17 dreWeatherPlugin:
2018-02-17 dreChanges by Sven H in AutoTimer/EPGRefresh:
2018-02-17 dreEPGRefresh: