2008-08-07 Volker ChristianMake localization smoother
2008-08-07 Volker Christian*** empty log message ***
2008-08-07 Volker Christian*** empty log message ***
2008-08-07 Rico Schulteadding finnish webcams, thanks to MPat
2008-08-05 Moritz Vennignore additional arguments in refresh functions
2008-08-04 Moritz Vennbe a little more careful with the config lists (fixes...
2008-08-04 Moritz Vennadd italian translation
2008-08-04 Moritz Vennimport local gettext
2008-08-03 Moritz Venndont forget to install wizard xml
2008-08-02 Volker ChristianWith a recent new enigma2 the EOF was no more propagate...
2008-08-01 Volker ChristianFlash-Video extension "flv" added
2008-07-31 Moritz Venncheck if the other object is actually an autotimercompo...
2008-07-31 Moritz Venndon't try to read in phonebook if plugin is inactive...
2008-07-31 Moritz Vennfix typo already fixed in 1.2 but reintroduced in 1...
2008-07-31 Moritz Vennreduce ammount of try/except-blocks used,
2008-07-31 Volker ChristianVlcServer.play() now expect a session and not a screen...
2008-07-31 Volker ChristianChanged the mechanism in marking the default server
2008-07-31 Volker ChristianSave the server-name at all circumstances, also when...
2008-07-31 Volker ChristianVlcServer.play() now wants a session and not a screen...
2008-07-31 Volker ChristianAdded a default server icon
2008-07-31 Volker ChristianUpdate of the controling statemachine
2008-07-30 Michael Schmidt- reverseLookup AT
2008-07-30 Michael Schmidt- added reverse lookup for Austria
2008-07-30 Michael Schmidt- added italian translation
2008-07-29 Andreas Frischfix xmlparser exception on content with "&" symbol...
2008-07-29 Andreas Frischadd building of cdinfo plugin (audio cd playback, cd...
2008-07-29 Mladen Horvat-add LCD Text
2008-07-28 Andreas FrischNew plugin for playing Audio-CDs in MediaPlayer, adds...
2008-07-28 Andreas Monznerupdat italian translation
2008-07-27 Michael Schmidt- house keeping for reverse lookups
2008-07-27 Michael Schmidt- Fixed calls after standby
2008-07-26 Stephan Reichholfreadd plugin.py to cvs, i think deleting it was not...
2008-07-26 Michael Schmidtfix of call handling after standby
2008-07-25 Michael Schmidtyou can now give a list of MSNs to the filter, separate...
2008-07-25 Michael SchmidtLimit number of calls to show after standby to 10
2008-07-24 Anders HolstDon't crash before tags-patch is in place
2008-07-23 Anders HolstFix return to movielist
2008-07-23 Stephan Reichholfno need for braces after class declaration when nothing...
2008-07-22 Michael Schmidt- configuration option: show each call during standby...
2008-07-21 Anders HolstUgly hack to make sure mcut is executable
2008-07-21 Moritz Vennsimplify list management with avoidDuplicateDescription...
2008-07-20 Anders HolstAdded MovieRetitle, MovieCut, and TagEditor
2008-07-20 Anders HolstAdjusted mcut path
2008-07-20 Anders HolstInitial revision
2008-07-18 Anders HolstInitial revision
2008-07-18 Moritz Vennchange avoidDuplicateDescription from bool to int ...
2008-07-18 Stephan Reichholfpossible installation issue fix
2008-07-18 Stephan Reichholfmore readable code which also makes eclipse happy ;)
2008-07-18 Moritz Vennadd wip wizard which helps creating a new timer by...
2008-07-18 Michael Schmidt- added swiss and italian reverselookup
2008-07-17 Moritz Vennfix reading in filters
2008-07-15 Mladen Horvat- dynamic interface handling
2008-07-13 Moritz Venn- alphabetize autotimers in overview,
2008-07-11 Julian Dittrichsome changes to keep channel-data
2008-07-11 Mladen Horvatupdate configure.ac
2008-07-11 Mladen Horvat- add translations
2008-07-11 Mladen Horvat-add translations
2008-07-09 Volker ChristianFixed a potential crash
2008-07-09 Michael SchmidtFixed a problem with filter...
2008-07-08 Moritz Vennfix indentation
2008-07-08 Moritz Vennreact to language changes
2008-07-07 Moritz Vennchange some translations...
2008-07-07 Moritz Vennbuild makefile in autotimer/po
2008-07-07 Michael SchmidtIntroduction of localization including german messages
2008-07-07 Moritz VennConfiguration parser factored out to AutoTimerConfigura...
2008-07-07 Moritz VennRename AutoTimerConfiguration -> AutoTimerSettings...
2008-07-05 Moritz Vennbump required e2 version...
2008-07-05 Julian Dittrichif config.movielist.videodirs.value was not set, the...
2008-07-04 Rico Schulteadding inputboxes to enter custom radio stations
2008-07-04 Rico Schultefixing building of config file
2008-07-04 Moritz Vennrearrange this a little...
2008-07-04 Julian Dittrichintegrated AutoTime partly. it's not visible for now.
2008-07-04 Julian Dittrichinserted two hooks for the webinterface
2008-07-04 Moritz Venn - don't forget to copy maxduration and destination...
2008-07-03 Andreas Monzneradd italian translation... thx to Spaeleus (linsat...
2008-07-03 Rico Schulteadding new value SSL to Interface List
2008-07-02 Rico Schulteremoving debug except
2008-07-02 Rico Schulteadd / at end of dir
2008-07-02 Rico Schulteadding new Makefile of webif/etc
2008-07-02 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-07-02 Rico Schulteadding SSL Encryption to all WebInterface Ports with...
2008-07-02 Moritz Vennupdate recorddict when adding new timers to improve...
2008-07-01 Volker ChristianFixed a bluescreen
2008-07-01 Volker Christianimport rearrangement
2008-07-01 Rico Schulteremoving outdated weather pictures, thx to AliAbdul1978
2008-06-30 Volker Christian- "Default-Server" is implemented: If a default server...
2008-06-29 Volker Christian- Some minor problems fixed
2008-06-27 Rico Schultefix servererror, if box is in standby
2008-06-25 Henning Behrendtypo fixes
2008-06-24 Volker ChristianSecond update
2008-06-24 Volker ChristianFirst update
2008-06-24 Volker ChristianAdded a .cvsignore
2008-06-24 Volker ChristianJust code-reformat
2008-06-24 Volker ChristianWrong Screen name in skin fixed
2008-06-24 Volker ChristianMake seekFwd and seekBack work again
2008-06-24 Rico Schultedo something
2008-06-23 Rico Schulteenablel/disable zapping via config
2008-06-23 Andreas Monzneradd and build dependencies for servicets
2008-06-23 Alex Lätschchanged interface for demux to iDVBDemux
2008-06-23 Stephan Reichholfdamn lambda