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1 <menu text="Mainmenu" title="Main menu">
2         <id val="mainmenu" />
3 <!-- the following types are allowed:
4         <screen [module="mod"] [screen="classname"]>[arguments]</screen>
5                 executes Screen called "classname" from module "Screen.mod"
6                 if no module is given, Screen must be globally available.
7                 if no screen is given, module is used as screen class name.
8                 arguments must be comma seperated (will be fed to eval), and can
9                         use stuff from module
10                 (of course you must specify at least one of module, screen.)
11         <setup id="id" />
12                 opens a setup with specified id
13         <code> .. code .. </code>
14                 "exec"s code
15 -->
16                 <!--<item text="Standby debug">quitMainloop(0)</item>
17                 <item text="Network setup" entryID="network_setup">self.openSetup("network")</item>-->
18                 <!--<item text="CI"><screen module="Ci" screen="CiSelection" /></item>-->
19                 <!--<item text="Radio"><code>print "radio mode"</code></item>-->
20                 <item level="0" text="Timer" entryID="timer_edit" description="Manage and edit timers."><screen module="TimerEdit" screen="TimerEditList" /></item>
21                 <item level="1" text="VCR scart" entryID="scart_switch" requires="ScartSwitch"><code>self.session.scart.VCRSbChanged(3)</code></item>
23                 <menu level="0" text="Information" entryID="info_screen" description="Technical details about channel and Dreambox.">
24                         <id val="information" />
25                         <item level="1" text="Service" entryID="service_info_screen" description="Details about the current service."><screen module="ServiceInfo" screen="ServiceInfo"/></item>
26                         <item level="0" text="About" entryID="about_screen" description="Details about your Dreambox system."><screen module="About" /></item>
27                 </menu>
29                 <item level="1" text="Plugins" entryID="plugin_selection" description="Browse and manage your plugins."><screen module="PluginBrowser" screen="PluginBrowser" /></item>
30                 <menu level="0" text="Setup" flushConfigOnClose="1" entryID="setup_selection" description="Configure and set up your Dreambox.">
31                         <id val="setup" />
32                         <!--<menu text="Service Organising">
33                                 <item text="New Bouquets"></item>
34                                 <item text="Add to Bouquets"></item>
35                                 <item text="Edit Bouquets"></item>
36                         </menu>-->
37                         <menu weight="0" level="0" text="Service Searching" entryID="service_searching_selection" description="Search for services and configure your tuners.">
38                                 <id val="scan" />
39                                 <item text="Tuner configuration" entryID="tuner_setup" description="Configure your tuners."><screen module="Satconfig" screen="NimSelection" /></item>
40                                 <item text="Default services lists" entryID="default_lists" description="Install default service lists."><screen module="ScanSetup" screen="DefaultSatLists" /></item>
41                                 <item text="Automatic Scan" entryID="auto_scan" description="Automatically scan for new services."><screen module="ScanSetup" screen="ScanSimple" /></item>
42                                 <!--<item text="Automatic Scan"><screen module="ServiceScan" /></item>-->
43                                 <item text="Manual Scan" entryID="manual_scan" description="Manually scan for new services."><screen module="ScanSetup" /></item>
44                                 <!--<item text="Rotor Control"></item>
45                                 <item text="Edit Transponder"></item>
46                                 <item text="Satfinder"></item>-->
47                         </menu>
48                         <menu weight="5" level="0" text="System" entryID="system_selection" description="Configure and set up your Dreambox.">
49                                 <id val="system" />
50                                 <item level="0" text="Language" entryID="language_setup" description="Set up your Dreambox language."><screen module="LanguageSelection" /></item>
51                                 <item level="0" entryID="usage_setup" description="Configure Enigma2 interface and usage settings."><setup id="usage" /></item>
52                                 <item level="0" entryID="timezone_setup" description="Set up your system timezone."><setup id="timezone"/></item>
53                                 <item level="0" entryID="av_setup" description="Fine tuning for your Audio and Video settings."><setup id="avsetup"/></item>
54                                 <!--<item level="0" text="Video Setup" entryID="video_setup"><screen module="VideoSetup" /></item>-->
55                                 <item level="1" entryID="rfmod_setup" requires="RfModulator" description="Set up the the antenna output which you can hook up to old TV sets."><setup id="RFmod"/></item>
56                                 <item level="0" text="Storage devices" entryID="hardisk_selection" description="Set up your storage devices like harddisks and flash memory cards."><screen module="HarddiskSetup" screen="HarddiskDriveSelection" /></item>
57                                 <!-- <menu level="0" text="Harddisk" entryID="hardisk_selection" requires="Harddisk">
58                                         <id val="harddisk" />
59                                         <item level="1" entryID="harddisk_setup"><setup id="harddisk"/></item>
60                                         <item level="0" text="Initialization" entryID="harddisk_init"><screen module="HarddiskSetup" screen="HarddiskSelection"/></item>
61                                         <item level="0" text="Filesystem Check" entryID="harddisk_check"><screen module="HarddiskSetup" screen="HarddiskFsckSelection"/></item>
62                                 </menu> -->
63                                 <!--<item text="Remote Control"><setup id="rc" /></item>-->
64                                 <!--<item text="OSD"><setup id="osd" /></item>-->
65                                 <item level="0" text="Network" entryID="network_setup" description="Configure and set up your network."><screen module="NetworkSetup" screen="NetworkAdapterSelection" /></item>
66                                 <item level="1" text="Input devices" entryID="input_device_setup" description="Configure your input devices."><screen module="InputDeviceSetup" screen="InputDeviceSelection" /></item>
67                                 <item requires="Display" entryID="display_setup" description="Configure your frontpanel OLED or LCD display."><setup level="1" id="lcd" /></item>
68                                 <item text="Keyboard" entryID="keyboard_setup" description="Set up your keyboard."><setup id="keyboard" /></item>
69                                 <!--<menu level="1" text="Network..." entryID="network_setup">
70                                         <id val="network" />
71                                         <item level="1" text="Device Setup..." entryID="device_setup"><screen module="NetworkSetup" screen="NetworkAdapterSelection"/></item>
72                                         <item level="1" text="Nameserver Setup..." entryID="dns_setup"><screen module="NetworkSetup" screen="NameserverSetup"/></item>
73                                 </menu>-->
74                                 <item level="0" text="Recording paths" entryID="record_paths" description="Configure your recording paths."><screen module="RecordPaths" screen="RecordPathsSettings" /></item>
75                         </menu>
76                         <item weight="10" level="1" text="Common Interface" entryID="ci_setup" requires="CommonInterface" description="Configure your common interface."><screen module="Ci" screen="CiSelection" /></item>
77                         <item weight="15" level="0" text="Parental control" entryID="parental_setup" description="Set up parental control."><screen module="ParentalControlSetup" screen="ParentalControlSetup" /></item>
78                         <!--item level="0" text="Startwizard" entryID="startwizzard"><screen module="StartWizard" screen="StartWizard" /></item-->
79                         <item weight="25" level="0" text="Factory reset" entryID="factory_reset" description="Reset your Dreambox to factory defaults.">
80                                 <code>
81 from Screens.FactoryReset import FactoryReset
82 def msgClosed(ret):
83         if ret:
84                 from os import system, _exit
85                 system("rm -R /etc/enigma2")
86                 system("cp -R /usr/share/enigma2/defaults /etc/enigma2")
87                 _exit(0)
88 self.session.openWithCallback(msgClosed, FactoryReset)
89 </code>
90                         </item>
91                         <!--<item text="Parental Control"><setup id="parental" /></item>-->
92                         <!--<item text="Expert -disabled-"><setup id="expert" /></item>-->
93                 </menu>
94                 <!--<item text="Unser Setup">self.openSetup("Blaselfasel")</item>-->
95                 <menu text="Standby / Restart" entryID="standby_restart_list" description="Put your Dreambox into standby, restart or shut it down.">
96                         <id val="shutdown" />
97                         <!--<item text="Standby"><code>quitMainloop(0)</code></item>-->
98                         <item text="Sleep Timer" entryID="sleep" description="Set up a timer after which your Dreambox will turn off."><screen module="SleepTimerEdit" screen="SleepTimerEdit" /></item>
99                         <item text="Idle Mode" entryID="standby" description="Put your Dreambox into idle mode."><screen module="Standby" screen="Standby"/></item>
100                         <item text="Restart" entryID="restart" description="Reboot your Dreambox."><screen module="Standby" screen="TryQuitMainloop">2</screen></item>
101                         <item level="2" text="Restart GUI" entryID="restart_enigma" description="Restart Enigma2 only."><screen module="Standby" screen="TryQuitMainloop">3</screen></item>
102                         <item text="Deep Standby" requires="DeepstandbySupport" entryID="deep_standby" description="Put your Dreambox into deep standby."><screen module="Standby" screen="TryQuitMainloop">1</screen></item>
103                         <item text="Shutdown" requires="!DeepstandbySupport" entryID="deep_standby" description="Shut down your Dreambox."><screen module="Standby" screen="TryQuitMainloop">1</screen></item>
104                 </menu>
105 </menu>