small fixes
[gst-plugin-dvbmediasink.git] / src / gstdvbaudiosink.c
2014-01-09 Andreas Monznersmall fixes
2014-01-09 Andreas Monznergstdvbaudiosink.c: small bugfix
2013-09-27 Andreas Monznerprepare for ac3plus (need updated hw drivers)
2013-07-15 Andreas Monznerreset some codec specific parameters in set caps functi...
2013-06-04 Andreas MonznerAAC fixes
2013-01-15 Andreas Monznergstdvbaudiosink.c: dont force parsed / framed audio...
2012-12-27 Andreas Monznerremoved dts-hd hack... its always stripped by dcaparse...
2012-12-27 Andreas Monznerdvbaudiosink: force framed or parsed data when we like it
2012-12-06 Andreas Monznerdvbaudiosink.c: enable wma/wmv for all 7405 based dream...
2012-05-25 Andreas Monzneradd WMA support for dm7020hd (OE2.0 only)
2012-04-19 Andreas Monzneruse GstClockTime and GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE instead of -1
2012-04-19 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup, add PCM support via audiosink (only...
2011-02-10 ghostsmall logic fix
2011-02-10 ghostsmall code cleanup
2011-02-05 ghostfix dm7020hd detection
2011-01-20 Fraxinas[dvbaudiosink] add "dump-filename" property to allow...
2010-11-05 Andreas Monzneradd dm7020hd support
2010-10-16 Andreas Oberrittersmall clean-up, no functional change
2010-10-05 Andreas Monznertry to fix EOS event handling
2010-10-04 Andreas Monznerfix AC3 playback on some AVI files with dm500hd (this...
2010-07-28 Andreas Monznerwe can only handle framed data
2010-06-02 Andreas Monzneradd dm800se support
2010-04-06 Andreas Monznercleanup code
2009-12-09 Andreas Monznerremove buffer empty check workarounds (needs dreambox...
2009-11-27 Andreas Monzneradd support for lpcm (dvd)
2009-10-26 Andreas Monzneropen devices in state ready to paused change because...
2009-10-19 Andreas Monznersmall fixes
2009-10-12 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2009-10-08 Andreas Monznerpause and skip improvements
2009-09-03 Andreas Monznerenable dts (passthru) also for dm500hd
2009-09-03 Andreas Monzneradd workround for gstreamer decodebin2 bug
2009-08-24 Andreas Monznerdo not enter poll as long we are in flush or locked...
2009-07-28 Andreas Monznerdecoder time query now returns GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE...
2009-07-16 Andreas Monznerwork on EOS handling,
2009-07-15 Andreas Oberritterinclude stdint.h before linux/dvb/*.h to fix build...
2009-07-15 Andreas Monzner7025 needs a dts in audio pes header
2009-07-14 Andreas Monznerno dts for 800 and 500hd yet
2009-07-14 Andreas Monzneradd different caps for different hardware
2009-07-14 Andreas Monznerfix incorrect EOS handling...
2009-07-13 Andreas Monznersmall fix to fix only audio playback with decodebin2
2009-07-13 Andreas Monznersome fixes
2009-07-08 Andreas Monznercleanup
2009-07-08 Andreas Monznersome fixes
2009-07-07 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2009-07-07 Andreas Monzneradd some debug
2009-07-06 Andreas Monzneruse poll instead of select (but the select was not...
2009-07-05 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup, add some debug output
2009-07-02 Andreas Monzneruse non blocking writes... some code cleanups
2009-06-14 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2009-06-05 Andreas Monznerfix some checks for dm500hd
2009-06-03 Andreas Frischre-allow rates < 32k for mp3 streams
2009-06-03 Andreas Monzneradd handling for old drivers without dts support
2009-05-29 Andreas Monznerfix DTS-HD to DTS convert
2009-05-29 Andreas Monznerextract DTS Master track from DTS-HD
2009-05-29 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded code
2009-05-29 Andreas Frischimplement dispose method to stop leaking of gst pipelin...
2009-05-28 Andreas Monznerclose socket fds on _stop
2009-05-25 Andreas Frischdvbaudiosink: change caps to allow MP3 streams with...
2009-05-22 Andreas Frischadd machine-dependent get_caps function (experimental...
2009-05-21 Andreas Frischmake dvbaudiosink a gstreamer pipeline software clock...
2009-05-16 Andreas Monznerprepare for better dts detection
2009-05-07 Andreas Monznerfix
2009-05-07 Andreas Monznerbetter end of stream handling
2009-05-07 Andreas Frischprevent infinite loop on hacky EOS detection (fixes...
2009-04-24 Andreas Frischincrease maximum remaining frame size to consider an...
2009-04-23 Andreas Frischcorrectly implement unlock_stop functions which fixes...
2009-04-01 Andreas Monznertry to build aac adts header when private data is not...
2009-03-19 Andreas Monzneruse correct streamtype for mpeg4 aac
2009-03-11 Andreas Frischfix MPEG 2 Audio (AAC) playback
2009-03-02 Felix Domkehack to delay EOS until last frame is played
2009-02-23 Andreas Frischaccept DTS stream pads but reject them with unknown...
2008-12-19 Andreas Monznerfix position query, small cleanup
2008-12-16 Andreas Frischchange element priority to PRIMARY (prefer our native...
2008-11-26 Andreas Monznerremove debug output
2008-11-26 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded set bypass
2008-11-26 Andreas Monzneradd aac support
2008-11-12 Andreas Monznerfix pes header
2008-10-07 Andreas Monznerbetter dont write no dts instead of a wrong dts
2008-10-04 Andreas Monzneradd pts/dts offset (this fixes ac3 problems with some...
2008-09-17 Andreas Frischimprove error handling for unsupported stream types
2008-09-16 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup
2008-09-04 Andreas Frischmake sure hardware decoder is setup before trying to...
2008-09-04 Andreas Frischprepare hardware mp3 playback
2008-07-04 Andreas Monzneradd support for some new video/audio streamtypes (not...
2007-02-22 Felix Domkefix seeking, implement time position query
2006-12-12 Felix Domkesupport for AC3
2006-11-29 Felix Domkeadd unlock to unblock the writer thread
2006-06-20 Felix Domkeinitial import