add support for MS MPEG v4.3 .. (its equal to divx3.11)
[gst-plugin-dvbmediasink.git] / src / gstdvbvideosink.h
2008-12-18 Andreas Monznercode cleanup
2008-11-26 Andreas Monzneradd mpeg4 part2 support
2008-09-26 Andreas Monzneradd workaround for non packed xvid/divx5 bitstream
2008-09-16 Andreas Monznermkv cleanup (some .mkv files now work here)
2008-09-08 Andreas Monzneradd support for (broadcom) hardware mpeg1 decode
2006-11-29 Felix Domkeadd unlock to unblock the writer thread
2006-06-20 Felix Domkeinitial import