use install from $PATH instead of hardcoding /usr/bin
[hotplug-ng.git] / Makefile
2010-01-18 Andreas Oberritteruse install from $PATH instead of hardcoding /usr/bin master
2007-12-20 Andreas Oberritterdisable udevmonitor, udevtrigger, LOG and DEBUG by...
2007-12-20 Andreas Oberritter- merge all executables into a single multi-call binary
2007-12-18 Andreas Oberritterremove unused $GEN_CONFIGS
2007-12-18 Andreas Oberrittersimplify Makefile
2007-06-11 Andreas Oberrittermerge module_block and module_block_e2,
2007-06-04 Andreas Oberritteradded module_block_e2, which sends some block device...
2007-06-01 Andreas Oberrittercreate /var/run/bdpoll, add bin-tarball rule
2007-06-01 Andreas Oberrittercreate /etc/hotplug.d/block
2007-05-09 Andreas Oberritteradded bdpoll, a program to monitor partitioning changes...
2007-05-09 Andreas Oberritterset version to 002a
2007-05-09 Andreas Oberritteradded 'module_block', which will create device nodes...
2007-05-09 Andreas Oberritterfix copy'n'paste bug in uninstall target
2007-05-09 Andreas Oberritteradded firmware loading support
2007-04-25 Andreas OberritterInitial import of hotplug-ng-002