2020-03-31 Andreas Monzneruse SW scaling for ntsc DVD overlays ... we need a... master
2020-03-31 Andreas Monzneradd missing VIDEO_STOP and AUDIO_STOP before AUDIO_SET_...
2020-03-31 Andreas Monznerdisable liba52
2019-05-09 Andreas Oberrittermain: compile-fix for linux 4.18+
2017-07-05 Andreas Monznerfixed possible broken DVD menu (thanks to go4dream...
2016-09-26 Andreas OberritterAdd compatibility defines for libdvdnav 5.0
2016-07-22 Andreas Frischimplement DVD forced subtitle track handling
2016-04-22 Andreas Frischcompletely restore backwards compatibility
2016-04-20 Andreas Frischrestore abi compatibility, get rid of void pointers
2016-04-17 Andreas Frischimplement dvd subtitle filtering and trackflag query...
2015-10-06 Andreas Monznerfixed possible divide by zero exception testing2
2015-10-05 Andreas Monzneradd missing newline
2015-10-05 Andreas Monznerfixed always 16:9 handling...
2015-10-05 Andreas Monznersome menu, subtitle, audio selection fixes
2015-10-05 Andreas Monznerread DebugLevel from environment variable LIBDVD_DEBUG...
2015-10-05 Andreas Monznersome cosmetical code changes
2015-10-05 Andreas MonznerGet control over debugging messages
2015-10-05 Mirakelsdisable debug code
2015-10-05 Mirakelsspts calculation fix for API != 1
2015-10-05 MirakelsFix pts calculation from dvd packets
2012-04-25 Andreas Oberritterautodetect lpcm mode (requires updated drivers for...
2011-03-31 Andreas Oberritterremove m4 directory
2011-01-28 Fraxinasremove excess debug output
2011-01-27 Fraxinasimplement methods for direct audio and subtitle stream...
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterdebian: use dh_auto_configure
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterdebianized
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterdon't depend on byte order for DVB API version
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritter.cvsignore -> .gitignore
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterupdate build scripts
2010-11-24 ghostfix dependencies
2010-10-22 Andreas Oberritterfix LDFLAGS in
2010-03-29 Andreas Monzneradd size changed, framerate changed and progressive...
2010-03-07 Sven Karschewskiclear 2nd backbuffer when leaving a dvd menu ... this...
2009-12-02 Andreas Monznerdont write padding data to video device .. instead...
2009-07-17 Andreas Monznerfix scale offset calculation for 16:10 (needs to be...
2009-07-16 Andreas Monznerremove debug output
2009-07-16 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2009-07-16 Felix Domkesome hac^Wfixes to the aspect calculation
2009-07-16 Felix Domkeuse 1.33 instead of 1.21 for proper y scaling in letter...
2009-06-24 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded SET_BYPASS ioctls
2009-06-08 Felix Domke - fix SPU overflow by increasing max size of queued...
2009-06-08 Felix Domkefix typo when spu timer expired, and optimize redraw...
2009-05-16 Andreas Monznerwork on dts support
2009-01-27 Andreas Monzneradd support for hardware lpcm support
2009-01-01 Sven Karschewski-implement angle reporting and switching, needs an...
2009-01-01 Sven Karschewskimore SPU changes
2008-12-31 Sven Karschewski-more SPU stuff
2008-12-31 Sven Karschewskiimplement some rarely used SPU commands
2008-12-31 Sven Karschewskismall fix for old DVB API
2008-12-30 Sven Karschewskichange in_menu reporting for frontend to get rid of...
2008-12-29 Sven Karschewskismall fix in forcing button highlight
2008-12-29 Sven Karschewskichanged spu handling to get around a wrong documented...
2008-12-27 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup, strip original pes header from saved...
2008-12-26 Sven Karschewskidont save pes header with iframes
2008-12-14 Sven Karschewskianother SPU fix
2008-12-14 Sven Karschewskismall fix for spu changes
2008-12-11 Sven Karschewskiforgot to remove some debug code
2008-12-11 Sven Karschewskimake scaling on "16:9 PanScan" work again
2008-12-10 Sven Karschewskifix mem leak .. seems not to be my day :)
2008-12-10 Sven Karschewskismall fix
2008-12-09 Sven Karschewskiwipe subtitles when jumping into menu
2008-12-09 Sven Karschewskiyou guess it ;) another fix for button wipe ... the...
2008-12-09 Sven Karschewski3rd try ;)
2008-12-09 Sven Karschewskiwipe buttons 2nd try :)
2008-12-09 Sven Karschewskiforgot to add offset to rect coords :)
2008-12-09 Sven Karschewskisend screenupdates to wipe buttons
2008-12-09 Sven Karschewskireport blitarea, so the frontend can blit only the...
2008-12-09 Sven Karschewskihuge speed up in resizing:
2008-12-08 Sven Karschewskicorrect bitmask for spuid, this should fix incorrect...
2008-12-08 Sven Karschewski-make bicubic(smooth) resize about 20% faster
2008-12-07 Sven KarschewskiOoops :) small fix for last commit
2008-12-07 Sven Karschewski-make upscaling for hd skins work
2008-12-07 Sven Karschewskipatched startup logo up to 16:9
2008-12-05 Sven Karschewski-changed resize routines and handling of them, the...
2008-09-07 Sven Karschewskiadded logo designer, thx @Yvessun for the great pic
2008-09-07 Sven Karschewskismall fix for spu decoder
2008-08-21 Sven Karschewskiimplement ntsc resizing for 1bypp mode
2008-08-21 Sven Karschewskifixed audio decoder flushing
2008-08-21 Sven Karschewskismall fix
2008-08-20 Sven Karschewskimake menu buttons work again ... killed them with the...
2008-08-20 Sven Karschewskiimproved spu/audio info reporting to the frontend
2008-08-19 Sven Karschewski-implemented resizing to fit ntsc menu buttons and...
2008-08-18 Sven Karschewskismall fix for last commit
2008-08-18 Sven Karschewski-improved spu and audio id/language reporting to the...
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskisend active spu back to frontend after resuming
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskireset resume info after applying
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskidont return resume info when exit is done inside a...
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskisend audio change message to frontend after resuming dvd
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskismall fix
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskismall fixes and cleanups
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskismall fix
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskisend new position after resuming to the frontend
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewskithrow resume info into a (hidden) struct to make handli...
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewski-adding active audio_id and spu_id to resume info
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewski-adding functions for resuming dvds
2008-08-15 Sven Karschewski-fix for changig audio tracks if the ids on the dvd...
2008-08-14 Sven Karschewski-reporting dvd logic driven audio track changes to...
2008-07-24 Andreas Oberritteradd a return code to ddvd_run()
2008-07-22 Andreas Oberrittercvsignore
2008-07-22 Andreas Oberrittertry to recover from various errors,