2018-11-19 Andreas Monzneradded descriptor length testing (e.g. fixed crash on... master
2016-12-05 Athanasios... CaElementaryStreamInfo: add missing accessors
2016-07-04 Andreas Oberritterset version to 0.3.8 0.3.8
2016-07-04 Andreas Oberrittert2_delivery_system_descriptor: new class
2015-11-27 Andreas Oberritteradd
2015-11-26 Andreas Oberritterdts_descriptor: fix some fields that were parsed incorr...
2015-11-26 Andreas Oberritterdts_descriptor: fix compiler warnings
2015-10-19 Andreas Oberritterapplication_information_section: rewrite constructors...
2013-09-23 Andreas Oberritterset version to 0.3.7 0.3.7
2013-09-23 Andreas Oberritterregenerate Makefile.ams
2013-09-23 Andreas Oberrittergenmakefileam: force C locale
2013-09-23 Andreas OberritterEnhancedAC3Descriptor: don't include mixInfoExistsFlag...
2012-03-10 Andreas Oberritterset version to 0.3.6 0.3.6
2011-10-06 ghostadd some descriptors needed for hbbtv - simple applicat...
2011-10-06 ghostfixed application name descriptor
2011-10-06 ghostfixed application information section
2011-10-06 ghostfixed transport protocol descriptor
2011-09-16 Andreas fix typo in LT_INIT fallback
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterupdate .gitignore 0.3.5
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterupdate build scripts
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterupdated debian scripts
2010-11-24 Andreas OberritterREADME: remove reference to CVS, as the CVS history...
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterremove .cvsignore files
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterdebian: make lintian happy
2010-11-24 Andreas increase LT_CURRENT to match debian packa...
2010-11-24 Andreas OberritterAdded AC_PROG_LIBTOOL to fix build on lenny
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterupdated using 'autoupdate'
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterdistribute genmakefileam
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterchange README and build system to use Git
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritteradd .gitignore files
2010-11-24 Andreas Oberritterupdate ChangeLog from CVS history
2010-01-25 Pieter Grimmerinklibdvbsi++: added logical channel descriptor
2010-01-25 Pieter Grimmerinklibdvbsi++: added logical channel descriptor
2009-06-30 Marcel Siegertadded
2009-06-30 Marcel Siegertadd xait_location_descriptor
2009-06-29 Marcel Siegertadd fta_content_managing_descriptor
2009-06-25 Andreas OberritterSI: sort descriptor tags, add unimplemented descriptors
2009-06-25 Andreas Oberritteradd descriptor tags for extension_descriptor
2009-06-25 Andreas Oberritterupdate identifiers to ETSI EN 300 468 V1.9.1
2009-02-23 Andreas Oberritterupdate changelog for release of 0.3.4
2009-02-23 Andreas Oberritterchangelog: ignore tags and branch names
2009-02-23 Andreas Oberritterfix compilation with g++ 4.3
2008-11-17 Andreas Monznerremove unused destructors
2008-11-17 Andreas Monznerfix rolloff
2008-06-03 Andreas Oberritteradded registration descriptor
2008-06-03 Andreas Oberritteralso generate src/ automatically
2008-03-31 Marcel Siegertadded short smoothing buffer descriptor;
2008-03-31 Marcel Siegertadded the service availability descriptor - it may...
2008-03-31 Marcel Siegertfix/extend descriptor as 300468 v1.8.1 has extensions
2008-03-25 Andreas OberritterIncreased version number after release of 0.3.3
2008-03-25 Andreas Oberritterupdated changelog 0.3.3
2008-03-25 Andreas Oberritterignore Makefile
2008-03-25 Andreas Oberritterregenerated to include running_status_section.h
2008-03-25 Andreas Oberritteruse printf for compatibility to dash
2008-03-25 Andreas Oberritterinclude in distribution tarball
2008-03-25 Andreas Oberritterinclude debian files in distribution tarballs
2008-03-25 Andreas Oberritterdebianized
2006-11-17 Pieter Grimmerinkallow list management field to be modified (list manage...
2006-09-26 Marcel Siegertfix - tuxbox is pointer not reference;
2006-09-26 Marcel Siegertadd running status section - even if i never received...
2006-09-26 Marcel Siegertadd 2 missing bouquet association member functions;
2006-09-26 Marcel Siegertwhitespace cleanups;
2006-09-26 Marcel Siegertadd missing dtor
2006-09-25 Marcel Siegertremove obsolete ca_system_descriptor;
2006-09-25 Marcel Siegertadd missing adaptation field data descriptor;
2006-05-27 Marcel Siegertfinal adjustments for being etsi 300468 1.7.1 compliant
2006-05-27 Marcel Siegertadjusted servies types to match etsi 300468 1.7.1 specs
2006-03-28 Andreas Monzneradd some checks to avoid segfaults on corrupted descrip...
2006-03-06 Andreas Oberritterincreased version number 0.3.2
2006-03-06 Andreas Oberritteradded changelog for release tarballs
2006-03-06 Andreas Oberrittercheck for cvs2cl, gnupg and md5sum before using them
2006-03-06 Andreas Oberritteradded changelog target,
2006-03-06 Andreas Oberritteradded usernames for cvs2cl
2006-02-23 Marcel Siegertadded transport stream description section;
2006-02-15 Andreas Oberritteran initial README file which menitions the download... 0.3.1
2006-02-15 Andreas Oberritteradded new make target 'release' to be called after...
2006-02-15 Andreas Oberritteradded header to SOURCES variable to include it in a...
2006-02-15 Andreas Oberritteruse generated (fixes 'make distcheck')
2006-02-15 Andreas Oberrittera script to generate include/dvbsi++/
2006-02-15 Andreas Oberritterupdated .cvsignore files
2006-02-14 Andreas Oberritterfixed .so versioning,
2006-01-17 Andreas Oberritterfixed detection of and conditional execut...
2005-12-26 Marcel Siegertadded missing ETSI EN 300468 1.7.1 descriptors;
2005-12-07 Marcel Siegertafter discussion with ghostrider we chose to
2005-12-06 Andreas Monznerreserve(X) and Vector(X) is not the same !!
2005-11-30 Marcel Siegertfix some offsets
2005-11-30 Marcel Siegertimplemented mpe_fec_section
2005-11-28 Marcel Siegertspeedup if more than 2 bytes are in the private part...
2005-11-28 Andreas Monzneruse vector
2005-11-28 Andreas Monznerchange list to vector
2005-11-24 Marcel Siegertbugfix:
2005-11-22 Andreas Monznerbuild fix
2005-11-18 Andreas Monzneradd ability to filter capmt for specific caid's (needed...
2005-11-13 Marcel Siegertreturn pointer instead of references to keep enigma2...
2005-11-13 Marcel Siegertadded content identifier section
2005-11-10 Marcel Siegertadded 7 new descriptors to libdvbsi++;
2005-10-29 Andreas Oberritterchanged license to LGPL 2.1
2005-09-30 Andreas Monzneradd missing source file
2005-09-30 Andreas Monznervirtual writeBuffer is needed,
2005-09-30 Andreas Monznersorry.. another one fix