enigma2: update to 4.3.0r29
[opendreambox.git] / meta-opendreambox / recipes-dreambox / enigma2 /
2017-02-22 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r29
2017-02-21 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r28
2017-02-17 Andreas Monznerenigma2: dont disable useAlternateUserAgent config...
2017-02-16 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r27
2017-02-16 Stephan Reichholfenigma2-bin-4.3: depend on qtsvg
2017-02-03 Stephan Reichholfstalkerclient: add and install meta-package
2017-02-01 Stephan Reichholfenigma2-plugin-extensions-stalkerclient: initial receipe
2017-01-27 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2017-01-17 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2017-01-13 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: build shellinabox
2017-01-13 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: add missing fields to control file parser
2017-01-13 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add missing fields to control file...
2017-01-13 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: depend on python-subprocess
2017-01-13 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: jsonapi plugin needs python-json
2017-01-12 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: fix gsod in input device config screen
2017-01-11 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r26
2017-01-07 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: add python-ioctl to runtime dependencies
2017-01-03 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add runtime dependency on python-pysmb
2017-01-01 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add build dependency on nfs-utils
2016-12-30 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add new dependencies for networkbrowser
2016-12-24 Andreas Monznerenigma2: auto migrate old unicable config to new format
2016-12-23 Andreas Monznerenigma2: experimental unicable2/jess support, support...
2016-12-22 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-12-21 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add patch to fix wrong time after reboot
2016-12-21 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r24
2016-12-16 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r23
2016-12-12 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-12-11 Andreas Monznerenigma2-defaultservices: fixed recipe, fixed some blind...
2016-12-10 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-12-07 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add patch to load usb tuner helper lib when...
2016-12-01 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: depend on python-importlib for compatibility...
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: fix compatibility with python3
2016-11-23 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r22 for mips32el
2016-11-23 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r22 for cortexa15hf-neon-vfpv4
2016-11-22 Stephan Reichholfenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: update to 1.2r0
2016-11-15 Andreas Monznerupdate enigma2 default services
2016-11-15 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-11-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: always show image version if it's different...
2016-11-13 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add patch to fix friendly usb port name resolving
2016-11-13 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r21 for mips32el
2016-11-12 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-11-12 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r21 for cortexa15hf-neon-vfpv4
2016-11-08 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r20 for cortexa15hf-neon-vfpv4
2016-11-08 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: add checksums for cortexa15hf...
2016-11-08 Andreas OberritterUpdate global MIT LICENSE file
2016-11-05 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-streamproxy: remove xinetd support, cleanup...
2016-11-01 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-11-01 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: bump SRCREV
2016-10-30 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: fix precompiled tarball for mipsel
2016-10-29 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: fix regex for dynamic packaging
2016-10-29 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: fix regex for dynamic packaging
2016-10-29 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: split runtime dependencies from build...
2016-10-29 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: reduce build dependency on enigma2-plugi...
2016-10-29 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: rework packaging similar to enigma2...
2016-10-29 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: minor code cleanup (no functional...
2016-10-29 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r19
2016-10-25 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r18
2016-10-25 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: rework packaging
2016-10-24 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-core-plugins.inc: always add streamserver package
2016-10-24 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r17
2016-10-20 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: use bb.utils.contains instead of...
2016-10-18 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-bin: explicitly rdepend on offscreen qt plugin
2016-10-18 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: let browser plugin depend on imageformats...
2016-10-16 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: remove modem plugin and related scripts
2016-10-16 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r16
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r15
2016-10-08 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: add direct dependency on cdfs (required by...
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: add binary for dm900
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: adjust dependencies for Qt5 (needs new binaries)
2016-10-04 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: drop gstreamer 0.10
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: add precompiled binary for arm
2016-09-14 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugibs: add missing parted dependency
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: rebuild with gcc5
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: split-out inc file, bump version to 4.3
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: drop recipe for 4.0
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: switch deps to gst 1.0
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-autofs: set S to a proper value
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: depend on boost, because it's included from...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add missing build deps, inherit autoto...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: depend on enigma2-plugins, inherit autot...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberrittermeta-bsp: remove machines with only 64mb of flash ...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: remove unused python-daap
2016-08-30 Andreas Monznerenigma2: fixed crash in mediaplayer
2016-08-30 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r13
2016-08-10 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r12
2016-08-09 Andreas Monznerenigma2: Hotfixed endless recursion crashes caused...
2016-08-08 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r11
2016-08-04 Andreas Monznerhbbtv-plugin: push to r3 (new compile needed because...
2016-08-03 Andreas Monznerdont generate streamserver package on dreamboxes withou...
2016-07-13 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugins_4.3.0.bb: fixed broken srcrev
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugins_4.3.0: push srcrev for new default...
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r10
2016-07-12 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add dm520 to compatible machines
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add dm520 support
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznersome changes for dm520 support
2016-06-16 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r7
2016-06-14 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r6
2016-05-23 Andreas Monznerenigma2: start/stop HLS server on demand
2016-05-20 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r5
2016-05-18 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r4