2017-01-01 Andreas Oberritternfs-utils: install libnfs.a and nfsrpc.h
2016-12-30 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add new dependencies for networkbrowser
2016-12-28 Andreas Oberritterarp-scan: new recipe (version 1.9-65-g7d710d9)
2016-12-24 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-opendreambox-base: install hdstandy
2016-12-24 Andreas Monznerenigma2: auto migrate old unicable config to new format
2016-12-23 Andreas Monznerenigma2: experimental unicable2/jess support, support...
2016-12-23 Andreas Oberritterhdstandby: new recipe
2016-12-22 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-12-22 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-web: bump SRCREVs
2016-12-22 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: bump SRCREV
2016-12-22 Andreas Monznerenable opus audio
2016-12-22 Andreas Monznerblindscan-utils: push to 1.12 for dm52x combo support
2016-12-22 Andreas Monzneradd fsbl update plugin to recommends
2016-12-21 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.4: port block2mtd driver patches from...
2016-12-21 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add patch to fix wrong time after reboot
2016-12-21 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.14: enabled some HID kernel modules...
2016-12-21 Andreas Monznerupdate dm900 hardware drivers
2016-12-21 Andreas Monznerupdate dm520 hardware drivers
2016-12-21 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r24
2016-12-21 Andreas Oberritterbcmdriver-20150918: rebuild for new kernel
2016-12-21 Andreas Oberritterbcmdriver-20160630: rebuild for new kernel
2016-12-21 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: bump SRCREV and PV, use single branch
2016-12-21 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: let flash-scripts depend on tpm-ca for new...
2016-12-21 Andreas Monznergstreamer-1.0-dreamsinks: added VP9 support for dm900...
2016-12-20 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm900 drivers
2016-12-20 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm52x drivers
2016-12-20 Andreas Monznerlinux-3.4-dream: add needed patch for improved dm52x...
2016-12-20 Andreas Monznerlinux-3.14-dream: add needed patch for improved clock...
2016-12-19 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: package update-rescue command into flash...
2016-12-18 Andreas OberritterMakefile: remove useless variables from OPENDREAMBOX_CO...
2016-12-18 Andreas OberritterMakefile: sync BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE with oe-buildenv-internal
2016-12-18 Andreas OberritterMakefile: disable buildstats
2016-12-16 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r23
2016-12-16 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox.conf: reduce selected options for systemd
2016-12-16 Andreas Oberrittersystemd: start epoch at 0
2016-12-14 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: package flash-fsbl and readspi into flash...
2016-12-12 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.14: dm900 fixed broken recordings...
2016-12-12 Andreas Oberrittermtd-utils: fix package splitting
2016-12-12 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-12-12 Andreas Oberrittertpm-ca: bump SRCREV
2016-12-12 Andreas Oberritterlibdvbsi++: bump SRCREV
2016-12-11 Andreas Monznerimproved media playback compatibility
2016-12-11 Andreas OberritterUpdated upstream Git repositories
2016-12-11 Andreas Monznerenigma2-defaultservices: fixed recipe, fixed some blind...
2016-12-10 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-console-image: remove unnecessary depends
2016-12-10 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2016-12-09 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.14: fixed usb wifi with the small...
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerupdate dm900, dm820, dm7080 hardware drivers (fixed...
2016-12-08 Andreas push revision to r1 because...
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.4: dont enable new broadcom i2c driver...
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerupdate dreambox hardware drivers for dm820, dm7080
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerdm520: update dreambox hardware drivers
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerdm900: update hardware drivers
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerdm900: add usb wlan drivers to image
2016-12-08 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update dream patch, merge recipes
2016-12-08 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.14: update dream patch
2016-12-07 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: fix dependency on shared workdir
2016-12-07 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-compat: add missing dependencies, drop allarch
2016-12-07 Andreas Oberritterlibssl: use Debian's configure targets for arm
2016-12-07 Andreas Monzneradd recipe for libusbtuner
2016-12-07 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add patch to load usb tuner helper lib when...
2016-12-07 Andreas Oberritterdoc: regenerate html and txt docs
2016-12-07 Andreas Oberritterdoc: update tex documentation
2016-12-07 Andreas OberritterUpdated upstream Git repositories
2016-12-01 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: depend on python-importlib for compatibility...
2016-12-01 Andreas Oberritterlibvc5driver: don't use MACHINE_ARCH
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberritterlibv3ddriver: don't use MACHINE_ARCH
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-console-image: open image file in binary mode
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberritterdvdauthor: disable parallel build
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.14: add patch for gcc6
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: fix compatibility with python3
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox-precompiled-binary: avoid already-stripped...
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberrittermadwifi-ng: fix build errors
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberrittermeta-dreambox: move v3d provider settings to common...
2016-11-30 Andreas Oberrittermeta-dreambox: drop COMPATIBLE_MACHINE from recipes...
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.2: udpate defconfigs for systemd
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: sync with denzil
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: sync legacy drivers with denzil
2016-11-29 Andreas OberritterUpdated upstream Git repositories
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox.conf: reduce depedencies of ffmpeg
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-opendreambox-systemlocales: install only...
2016-11-29 Andreas OberritterUpdated upstream Git repositories
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox.conf: generate only UTF-8 locales
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-opendreambox-systemlocales: use utf-8...
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-console-image: don't install systemd-extra...
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritterimage_types_nfi: rename to ubi-nfi, don't modify files...
2016-11-29 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.2: apply patches from denzil and port...
2016-11-27 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: use ${PV} to reduce diff to 3.14
2016-11-27 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-bootlogo: move to distro layer
2016-11-27 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-bootlogo: remove legacy recipes
2016-11-27 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-bootlogo: don't indicate failure if video...
2016-11-27 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-console-image: split-out nfo generation to...
2016-11-27 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-console-image: avoid exception when generating...
2016-11-27 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: bump SRCREV for dm520
2016-11-26 Andreas Monznerupdate dm520/dm525 hardware drivers
2016-11-25 Andreas Monznerupdate dm520, dm525, dm820, dm7080 hardware drivers
2016-11-24 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-web: update to 1.0.3
2016-11-23 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r22 for mips32el
2016-11-23 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r22 for cortexa15hf-neon-vfpv4
2016-11-23 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: update drivers for dm900