2017-02-16 Andreas Monznerzvbi: fixed memory leak dora
2017-01-18 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: depend on python-subprocess
2017-01-18 Andreas Oberritterpython-bitstring: add missing runtime dependency on...
2017-01-18 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add python-ioctl to runtime dependencies
2017-01-18 Andreas Oberritterpython-ioctl: new recipe (version 0.0.2-33-g1f09060)
2017-01-18 Andreas Oberritterpython-bitstring: new recipe (version 3.1.5)
2017-01-10 Andreas Monznerupdated dreambox hardware drivers for dm52x master
2017-01-03 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add runtime dependency on python-pysmb
2017-01-03 Andreas Oberritterpython-pysmb: update to 1.1.19
2017-01-02 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add new dependencies for networkbrowser
2017-01-02 Andreas Oberritternfs-utils: install libnfs.a and nfsrpc.h
2017-01-02 Andreas Oberritterarp-scan: new recipe (version 1.9-65-g7d710d9)
2016-12-11 Andreas Monznerimproved media playback compatibility
2016-12-09 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-bootlogo: move to distro layer
2016-12-09 Andreas Monznerdreambox-bootlogo: remove legacy recipes
2016-12-09 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-bootlogo: don't indicate failure if video...
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerupdate dm900, dm820, dm7080 hardware drivers (fixed...
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add patch to load usb tuner helper lib when...
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerupdate dreambox hardware drivers for dm820, dm7080
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerdm520: update dreambox hardware drivers
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.4: dont enable new broadcom i2c driver...
2016-12-08 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.4: update dream patch, merge recipes
2016-12-08 Andreas Monzneradd recipe for libusbtuner
2016-11-26 Andreas Monznerupdate dm520/dm525 hardware drivers
2016-11-25 Andreas Monznerupdate dm520, dm525, dm820, dm7080 hardware drivers
2016-11-24 Andreas Monznerdreambox-bootlogo: add backdrop logo for all machines...
2016-11-24 Andreas Monznerenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: update to 1.2r0
2016-11-24 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r22
2016-11-23 Andreas Monznerblindscan-utils: push to 1.12
2016-11-17 Andreas Monznerupdate enigma2 default services
2016-11-10 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: install python-monotonic
2016-11-10 Andreas Oberritterpython-monotonic: backport from krogoth (meta-python)
2016-11-10 Andreas Oberritterpypi.bbclass: backport from krogoth (meta-python)
2016-11-05 Andreas Oberritterlighttpd: listen on port 80 by default
2016-10-16 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r15
2016-10-16 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: most likely fixed ac3+ aka...
2016-10-16 Andreas Monznerdm520.conf: enable ci support (needed for dm525)
2016-10-16 Andreas Monzneraio-grab: add dm525 support
2016-10-16 Stephan ReichholfAdd python-cfscrape (and it's dependencies)
2016-10-16 Stephan Reichholfsatip-client: update to latest version, drop default...
2016-10-08 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: add direct dependency on cdfs (required by...
2016-09-13 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules-systemd: add /dev/venc0 to udev...
2016-09-08 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm520 drivers
2016-08-30 Andreas Monznerenigma2: fixed crash in mediaplayer
2016-08-30 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r13
2016-08-29 Andreas Monznerupdate libnexus-ui for dm525 support
2016-08-29 Andreas Monznerdreambox-secondstage: update dm520 ssbl for dm525 support
2016-08-29 Andreas Monznertpmd: update to 1.7 for dm525 support
2016-08-29 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm520 drivers (add dm525...
2016-08-18 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsink: add dm525 support
2016-08-12 Andreas Monzneradd videoparsersbad to rdepends (it was missing on...
2016-08-10 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r12
2016-08-09 Andreas Monznerenigma2: Hotfixed endless recursion crashes caused...
2016-08-08 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r11
2016-08-04 Andreas Monznerupdate dm520 hardware drivers
2016-08-04 Andreas Monznerhbbtv-plugin: push to r3 (new compile needed because...
2016-08-03 Andreas Monznerdont generate streamserver package on dreamboxes withou...
2016-07-26 Andreas Frischupdate to newest libdreamdvd commit (subtitle handling)
2016-07-26 Andreas Frischport dvdspu timestamps, implement matroska streamids
2016-07-13 Andreas fixed broken srcrev
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.4: fixed kernel cmdline again (memory...
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugins_4.3.0: push srcrev for new default...
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerrecovery: add dm520 support
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerrecovery-web: add dm520 support
2016-07-12 Andreas Monzneraio-grab: add dm520 support
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznertpmd: bump to 1.6 (add dm520 support)
2016-07-12 Andreas Monzneradd libnexus-ui binary package for dm520
2016-07-12 Andreas Monzneradd bcmdriver binary package for dm520
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerrecovery-ui: add dm520 binary recovery-ui package
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox: add dm520 support
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerinitial add dm520 hardware drivers
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r10
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerblindscan-utils: update to 1.11 add atbm781x support
2016-07-12 Andreas Oberritterdm520.conf: install ssbl
2016-07-12 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: add second version for dm520
2016-07-12 Andreas Oberrittergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: add dm520 to compatible machines
2016-07-12 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: add dm520 to compatible machines
2016-07-12 Andreas Monzneradd "encoder" feature flag and use for dm820 and dm7080
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerdm520: add missing machine config
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add dm520 support
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznerdm520: add modules-load.d config for stb-proc when...
2016-07-12 Andreas Monzneradd stb-core module to rescue image
2016-07-12 Andreas Monznersome changes for dm520 support
2016-07-04 Andreas Oberritterlibdvbsi++: update to 0.3.8
2016-06-16 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: update to 1.1r5
2016-06-16 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r7
2016-06-14 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r6
2016-06-01 Andreas Frischfix segfaults on rtmp streams zapping (2nd attempt)
2016-05-25 Andreas Monznerdreamrtspserver: push srcrev (needed for auto hls strea...
2016-05-23 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: update to 1.1r4
2016-05-23 Andreas Monznerenigma2: start/stop HLS server on demand
2016-05-20 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r5
2016-05-20 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: update to 1.1r3
2016-05-18 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: update to 1.1r2
2016-05-18 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.0r4
2016-05-17 Andreas Frischbuild gstreamer 1.0 rtmp elements
2016-05-14 Andreas Monznergst-plugin-dreamsource: push srcrev
2016-05-14 Andreas Monznerenigma2: fixed false positive TimerSanityCheck "Channel...
2016-05-13 Andreas Monznerenigma2: fixed possible audio selection crash, fixed...
2016-05-13 Andreas Monznerlibdreamdvd: push srcrev