7 days ago Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.5.0r3 pyro
7 days ago Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dreamone hardware drivers
8 days ago Andreas Monznerlinux-meson64: fixed sometimes long time black picture...
8 days ago Andreas Monznerpackagegroup-opendreambox-wlan: add rtl88x2bu wlan...
2020-05-19 Andreas Oberritterrtl88x2bu: New wifi driver
2020-05-18 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.5.0r2
2020-05-18 Andreas Monznerenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: recompiled for enigma2 4.5
2020-05-15 Andreas Monzneryoutube-dl: pushed to release 2020.05.08 pyro-stable
2020-05-15 Andreas Oberritterlibdvbsi++: Update to 0.3.9
2020-04-23 Andreas Monznerflash-nrf52: splitted out firmware
2020-04-03 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add patch to add missing SCALE_ imports to...
2020-04-03 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugin-po: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-03 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugin-skincomponents-serviceresolution: Bump...
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-vlcplayer: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-permanenttimeshift: Bump...
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-partnerbox: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-merlinmusicplayer: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-bitrateviewer: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterlibdreamdvd: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-03 Andreas Oberritterbdremux: Bump SRCREV
2020-04-02 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dreamone hardware drivers
2020-04-02 Andreas Monznerlinux-meson64: update to newer amlogic release
2020-04-02 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.2r6
2020-03-30 Andreas Oberritterdreamliveserver: Update to 1.6
2020-03-30 Andreas Oberrittersqlitecpp: Initial recipe
2020-03-30 Andreas Oberritterdccamd: Update to 1.6
2020-03-30 Andreas Oberritterdbttcd: Update to 1.13
2020-03-30 Andreas Oberrittertpmd: Update to 2.2
2020-03-12 reichiespeak: add receipe for 1.48.04 (thx to pclin)
2020-02-27 Andreas Oberritterlibaacs: Add missing patch
2020-02-27 Andreas Oberritterheaptrack: Initial recipe
2020-02-27 reichipython-coherence: bump version to 0.8.1
2020-02-21 reichipython-youtube-dl: bump version
2020-02-21 Andreas Monznerlinux-meson64: reverted change which can cause ethernet...
2020-02-20 Andreas OberritterUpdated upstream Git repositories
2020-02-20 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: Move new deps to inc file
2020-02-19 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.2r5
2020-02-18 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20200218
2020-02-18 Andreas Monznerlinux-meson64: changes for latest drivers
2020-02-15 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.2r4
2020-02-14 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.2r3
2020-02-14 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.2r2
2020-02-14 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dreamone drivers to 4...
2020-02-13 Andreas Monznerlinux-meson64: some changes needed for drivers 20200213
2020-02-13 reichialsa: add asound.conf for meson64 (for future enigma2...
2020-02-07 Andreas Oberritterlibaacs: Fix build
2020-02-07 Andreas Oberritterlibbluray: Fix upstream URL
2020-02-07 Andreas Oberritterlibaacs: Fix upstream URL
2020-02-03 Marcel von... libwebm: add recipe
2020-02-03 reichipython-youtube-dl: bump version
2019-12-09 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-plugins-base: alsasink: sync against pcr...
2019-11-22 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.2r1
2019-11-22 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-opendreambox-dvdplayer: Do not depend...
2019-11-19 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: 20191119r0
2019-11-19 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.2r0 (TODO changelog)
2019-11-10 Andreas Oberritterpugixml: Build shared libs
2019-10-25 reichipython-youtube-dl: update to 2019.10.22
2019-10-24 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add small patch to fix DVB-C service searching
2019-10-23 Andreas Oberritteropenssl: move dependency on openssl-conf to openssl
2019-10-16 Andreas Oberritterbase-files: set hostname to dreambox instead of ${MACHINE}
2019-10-16 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: bundle boxsec module with stb...
2019-10-10 Andreas Oberritterpython-pycryptodome: this is a drop-in replacement...
2019-10-10 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: fixed autoload of dreamframeinjec...
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritteropenssl: force rebuild
2019-10-09 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: dreamframeinject is now included
2019-10-09 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20191009r0
2019-10-09 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: update to 1.15
2019-10-09 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.1r18
2019-10-09 Andreas Monznerlinux-meson64: amlogic: deinterlace: changes for interl...
2019-10-09 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugins: fixed small autores bug
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritteropenssl: fix multiarch install
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-reconstructapsc: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-bitrateviewer: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-skins: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-web: bump SRCREVs
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberrittertpm-ca: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberrittershowiframe: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberrittertuxbox-common: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 Andreas Oberritterlibdreamdvd: bump SRCREV
2019-10-09 reichiplugins-networkmanager: add ethtool to rdepends
2019-10-09 reichipugixml: initial receipe
2019-10-09 reichidate: initial receipe
2019-09-16 Andreas Oberrittertpmd: add recipe for version 2.0 (aarch64)
2019-09-02 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: Add dependency on python-six
2019-08-31 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dreamone hardware drivers
2019-08-29 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dreamone hw drivers
2019-08-26 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: fixed tuner detection (broken...
2019-08-23 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.1r17
2019-08-22 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: fixed non blocking TS playback...
2019-08-22 Andreas Monznerlinux-meson64: enabled nfsv4 support, add some stuff...
2019-08-22 reichiflash-nrf52: add receipe for 1.6 (dreambox one fp versi...
2019-07-31 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: fixed no audio problem on...
2019-07-30 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0: fixed memory leak
2019-07-15 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.1r16
2019-07-13 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.4.1r15
2019-07-13 Andreas Monznerenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: fixed skipping forward backward...