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last changeTue, 27 Jun 2017 20:44:30 +0000 (22:44 +0200)
5 hours ago Andreas Oberritterrecovery-ui: bump SRCREV krogoth
5 hours ago Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
5 hours ago Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-partnerbox: bump SRCREV
5 hours ago Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-stalkerclient: bump SRCREV
6 days ago Andreas Monznerenigma2-defaultservices: update
6 days ago Andreas Monznerenigma2: fixed possible crash in manual scan
6 days ago Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm7080, dm820, dm900 hardw...
6 days ago Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.1r8
2017-05-23 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.1r7 krogoth-stable
2017-05-23 Andreas Monznerenigma2-skins: push srcrev to fix build without enabled...
2017-05-23 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugins: push srcrev to fix build without enabl...
2017-05-22 Andreas Monznerenigma2: fixed linked / satpos depend tuner handling
2017-05-20 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.1r6
2017-05-20 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.1r5
2017-05-20 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update hardware drivers for dm900...
2017-05-20 Andreas Monznergst-plugins-base: enable subtitle support for H265...
3 years ago release-4.1.0
3 years ago release-4.0.0
5 years ago v2.0
5 hours ago krogoth
5 weeks ago krogoth-stable
4 months ago denzil
4 months ago dora
5 months ago master
8 months ago dora-stable
2 years ago release-4.1
3 years ago release-4.0