classes/update-rc.d.bbclass: move update-rc after postinst
[openembedded.git] / classes / update-rc.d.bbclass
2011-03-21 Eric Bénardclasses/update-rc.d.bbclass: move update-rc after postinst
2010-02-11 ghostmerge with
2009-05-03 Leon WoestenbergMerge branch 'master' of git://dev.doredevelopment...
2009-01-06 Felix DomkeMerge branch '' of git://git.openem...
2008-12-22 John Leeupdate-rc.d.bbclass: honor $D as well in updatercd_postrm
2008-07-30 Michael Lauermerge of '87e3cc07eb2fd42d7850e6b0c1f67268404695d0'
2008-07-29 Michael Lauermake sure update-rc is always executed in an offline...
2007-08-20 Leon Woestenbergmerge of '9f877480867cc9cabebff8145a336b76f7a0f58d'
2007-08-09 Florian Boormerge of '09957ec14fdf3babf0d22d779c7264d24330e535'
2007-08-09 Marcin Juszkiewiczmerge of '76e1e69496801009ea0aa69c84f76e858978ab99'
2007-08-08 Florian Boormerge of '445066af3cf565c9d88cd6187570272cfa926958'
2007-08-08 OpenEmbedded Projectmerge of '227d9d1640e292b986196fbecfb628a17ffb9645'
2007-08-08 OpenEmbedded Projectmerge of '0bb67ca8b729200534e9fda164dd38051ee0ec16'
2007-08-08 Koen Kooiupdate-rc.d: merge in ${D} cleanups from poky
2006-11-20 Richard Purdieclasses: Clean up anonymous function whitespace
2006-11-18 Holger FreytherMicro-Optimisation decreasing initial parsing time...
2005-11-05 Frans Meulenbroeksmerge of 21d66a92293faf76a506c7d17e3cd16e143bb401
2005-06-28 Phil Blundellprovide both postrm and prerm for update-rc.d users
2005-06-27 Phil Blundellavoid crash when PACKAGES is empty
2005-06-07 John BowlerMerge bk://
2005-06-06 John BowlerBuild fix for busybox (and other?) packages which inherit
2005-06-06 John BowlerMerge bk://
2005-05-25 John BowlerMerge ... OE (there may still be a bug in the busybox...
2005-05-25 John BowlerMerge marsco.kalmiopsis:/home/nslu2/openembedded
2004-12-29 nslu2-linux.adm... Merge bk://
2004-12-07 Chris LarsonMerge