2007-06-17 Rod Whitbymerge of '2b1cc78c259b50ef47b34d85e4f6717f64d1d093'
2007-06-17 Michael add metadata
2007-06-17 Michael Lauermerge of '33019e0e6235ec885c91256837a062fa55cae440'
2007-06-17 Michael Lauerlibxosd: refresh use-sane-default-font patch
2007-06-17 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '2a4827e0d2f1c33bb0ef3c1c3722a53d40a6795e'
2007-06-17 Rolf Leggewiejamvm: upgrade to version 1.4.5. Partly closes 2296.
2007-06-16 Rolf Leggewieclasspath: unb0rk classpath-minimal-native. Partly...
2007-06-16 Michael Krelinkonqueror-embedded 20070212: adjust dont-use-kde-config...
2007-06-16 Michael Krelinconf/checksums.ini: checksums for intltool-0.35.5
2007-06-16 Michael Krelinintltool: and while we're at it, here goes 0.35.5 with...
2007-06-16 Michael Krelinintltool: cut the versioning in SRC_URI and close ...
2007-06-16 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '017bdeaa3b1e0331f3491b2ab736655e2a040771'
2007-06-16 Rolf Leggewieqt-x11-free: Put those debug files into their proper...
2007-06-16 Michael Krelinmerge of '0f42a8d653cc37dd474c367e444fab263968257a'
2007-06-16 Michael Krelinpidgin: make ssl-* plugins depend on ssl plugin and...
2007-06-16 Rolf Leggewieicewm: update to version 1.2.30
2007-06-16 Koen Kooicontrib/mtn2cl: print a list of new bugs as well
2007-06-16 Koen Kooimerge of 'b4ff8a1878072f19f8f3a513f100426adcf08ca1'
2007-06-16 Rolf Leggewiewrt-imagetools: Fix do_fetch by taking svn snapshot...
2007-06-16 OpenEmbedded... merge of '3b51ced2ab6352c3aa1358c560ebf030e37a0f3b'
2007-06-16 Justin Patrinefl, e: update for better packaging
2007-06-16 Matthias Hentgesmtn2cl: Show total bugs created vs. total bugs fixed...
2007-06-16 Koen Kooicontrib/mtn2cl: use a temp dir so we catch all authors...
2007-06-16 Michael Lauermerge of '38fe196c64aa6b2afd09cdb99be2946bea1525fe'
2007-06-16 Michael Laueroe/libxosd: add patch making libxosd using 'fixed'...
2007-06-16 Koen Kooie17: add expedite, an evas benchmark
2007-06-16 Koen Kooie.bbclass: fix typo
2007-06-16 Koen Kooimerge of '243cf387e20ff4eee94397f00dfc3e8dd9273515'
2007-06-16 Koen Kooie.bbclass: unbreak packaging
2007-06-16 Philipp Zabelopenmoko-libs: add libxosd dependency
2007-06-16 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '00d174a244aed2a142a8e7eff3c9237d11a3c1e2'
2007-06-16 Richard Purdieglibc-intermediate: Unset PACKAGES_DYNAMIC (from Poky)
2007-06-16 Richard Purdiemeta-sdk: Update to use new sdk PACKAGE_ARCH (from...
2007-06-16 Richard Purdietask-sdk-base: Fix libgcc name
2007-06-16 Richard Purdiegcc-cross-sdk 4.1.2: Cleanup (from poky)
2007-06-16 Richard Purdiegcc-cross-initial_3.3.3: Set empty PACKAGES (from poky)
2007-06-16 Richard Purdiegcc-package-cross: Remove bogus PACKAGES_DYNAMIC
2007-06-16 Richard Purdiesdk.bbclass: Remove unneeded PACKAGES, use DISTRO in...
2007-06-16 Koen Kooimerge of '1f133cbc99d6821edfd7e22579fd164020999cb9'
2007-06-16 Koen Kooibusybox: add 1.6.0
2007-06-16 Koen Kooigtk+: fix RRECOMMENDS
2007-06-16 Koen Kooimatchbox-desktop-2: add matchbox-desktop-2
2007-06-16 Koen Kooixtscal: recommend a font
2007-06-16 Koen Kooiangstrom: split up task-angstrom-x11 in to multiple...
2007-06-16 Koen Kooiangstrom: add feedarch for at91sam9263ek
2007-06-16 Paul Sokolovskymerge of '3db7e1f2cd7c90b36753ce7d6f4ed1e6d0835edc'
2007-06-16 Paul Sokolovskygpe-todo svn: SCM unpinned packages are always DEFAULT_...
2007-06-16 Koen Kooimerge of '3c0e078ee39da24a256067ec5c50395619259524'
2007-06-16 Paul Sokolovskyxkbd-layout-ru 0.1.1: Nice Russian layout for xkbd.
2007-06-15 Rolf Leggewieuim: move debug files into proper package
2007-06-15 OpenEmbedded... merge of '82c93f18c011fcfde6381525fc552545ef51ee0f'
2007-06-15 Manuel Teiraxserver-kdrive-imageon X11R7.1-1.1.0 : Fixes a bug...
2007-06-15 Michael Krelinkonqueror-embedded: don't use kde-config while configuring.
2007-06-15 Rolf Leggewiefix a couple of LICENSE entries
2007-06-15 Rolf Leggewielibopensync: set default pref to -1 for svn version...
2007-06-15 Michael Lauermerge of '0af83053cd30ecb7da6ef9c1ff0309caecfe1cbf'
2007-06-15 Koen Kooilinux 2.6.22rc1: fix version
2007-06-15 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '20f86cced0cd0f3af307002570f8505ef976e07a'
2007-06-15 Rolf Leggewieqemu: apply patch from bug 2157
2007-06-15 Paul Sokolovskymerge of 'd0f3ca9827e82bd233845c8fbc5af3197dad36be'
2007-06-15 Paul Sokolovskyangstrom-2007.1.conf: Set kernel version for PocketPC's:
2007-06-15 Koen Kooimatchbox-panel-2: enable startupmonitor applet
2007-06-14 Paul Sokolovskymerge of '6cae67d8eb2b6d2a39c35027eca7695c4c5fcea4'
2007-06-14 Sergey Lapingpe-announce 0.13: Fix for libsoundgen 0.5.
2007-06-14 Matthias Hentgesgspcav1: Add the required video modules to RRECOMMENDS
2007-06-14 Matthias Hentgeslinux-rp-2.6.20: Add V4L support to defconfig-spitz...
2007-06-14 Manuel Teiraxserver-kdrive-imageon X11R7.1-1.1.0 : XV Port changes...
2007-06-14 Rolf Leggewieuim: fix S in native package
2007-06-14 Rolf Leggewieanthy: improve packaging, some reordering of fields...
2007-06-14 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '9f20206493b0337a84d74f61b27b34138e7ea9f3'
2007-06-14 Rolf Leggewieudev: disable parallel compilation
2007-06-14 Paul Sokolovskylibgpevtype 0.50: Add dependency on libtododb.
2007-06-14 Paul Sokolovskybusybox-static 1.2.1: Re-aad override dir prioperly...
2007-06-14 Koen Kooilinux 2.6.2x: unify and add deploy for u-boot machines
2007-06-14 Rolf Leggewiechecksums.ini: correct entries and update URI for three...
2007-06-14 Rolf Leggewietomoe: hardwire mirror for Japanese sourceforge
2007-06-14 Rolf LeggewieMAINTAINERS: add tomoe to my entry.
2007-06-14 Michael Laueradd gtkterm, a lightweight gtk-based terminal emulator
2007-06-14 Michael Lauervte 0.11.15 increase packaging granularity
2007-06-14 Rod Whitbymerge of 'bfb00d07f52c7b9131c72ba2ccf74615ff161cac'
2007-06-14 Michael Lauermerge of 'aaf6c550254109a87b66440444b7d453231240a5'
2007-06-14 Michael Laueradd libxosd, a library for a TV-like on-screen display...
2007-06-14 Koen Kooiparted: add 1.8.7
2007-06-14 Koen Kooimerge of '545fbb481fb86e841b1362914cceb6638930d7ee'
2007-06-14 Koen Kooiipkg-utils: add patch from poky to include more fields...
2007-06-14 Rod Whitbymerge of '4174da17cc76d0fa9a74373c4588dcabac058e35'
2007-06-14 Michael Lauermerge of 'd9a7dd0081361f783c4c47de77596d085c151416'
2007-06-14 Jamie Lenehanmerge of '47eb1f067c7af4c1a56a27e9e25ea10f002e49de'
2007-06-14 Jamie Lenehanperl 5.8.8: Don't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH when running...
2007-06-14 Paul Sokolovskymerge of '443650a5c3bfafa4e922391b71d87087c6b6f355'
2007-06-14 Paul Sokolovskylibmimedir: Fix packaging.
2007-06-14 Rod Whitbymerge of '89e21fcd13a1cecffe14ba01d53a748efdcb827b'
2007-06-14 Jamie Lenehanperl 5.8.8: Directly patch the files that need patching...
2007-06-14 Michael Lauerdistutils-base.bbclass:
2007-06-14 Michael Lauerpython-dbus: upgrade from 0.71 to 0.8.1
2007-06-14 Jamie Lenehanperl 5.8.8: Fix the regexp for removing /usr/local...
2007-06-13 Philippe De... gpe-mini-browser : add new 0.21 release and remove...
2007-06-13 Philipp Zabellibgsmd: update /etc/default/gsmd for universa, use...
2007-06-13 Philipp Zabellibgsmd: really add second universal patch
2007-06-13 Philipp Zabellibgsmd: add two universal patches, bump PR