2006-12-15 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '88df3da823d2bce88856c558a8edb5e19f13c6dc'
2006-12-15 Rolf Leggewiegstreamer 0.10.x: unify bb files and make hrw happy ;-)
2006-12-15 Koen Kooiremoval.txt: add gstreamer 0.8.x
2006-12-15 Koen Kooiangstrom 2007.1: prefer cairo 1.3.8
2006-12-15 Koen Kooicairo: update git to 1.3.9
2006-12-15 Koen Kooipsplash: sync with poky
2006-12-15 Jamie Lenehaniproute2: Move common parts of the recipes for 2.6...
2006-12-15 Jamie Lenehanclamav: Added 0.88.7, removed 0.88.5.
2006-12-15 Jamie Lenehanquagga: Added 0.99.6, removed 0.99.3.
2006-12-15 Matt Reimergstreamer: add the latest 0.10 versions of gstreamer...
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczautomake: added 1.9.6 (DEF_PREF=-1 as not yet tested)
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczautoconf: added 2.61 (with DEF_PREF=-1 as not yet tested)
2006-12-14 Holger Freythercontrib/site-conf: No need to require autoconf 2.60
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczmerge of '7d5c4e9e02ee9f5067a674b75bf7163b0b89b564'
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczmaradns: update to 1.0.39 (last 1.0.x version)
2006-12-14 Koen Kooiipaq-pxa270: drop as indicated before. This machine...
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczc7x0/akita/spitz: fix order or zaurus includes
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczlive555: point SRC_URI to one of places where it is...
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczmasqmail: update to 0.2.21, switched to Debian mirror
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczcdtool: update to 2.1.8
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczscw: update to 0.4.3, point to Debian mirrors
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczwireshark: updated to 0.99.4 (it was ethereal before)
2006-12-14 Koen Kooidbus: drop 0.95
2006-12-14 Koen revert granularity change till someone comes...
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczdbus: make lib recommend dbus
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczdbus: package libdbus into separate package - opie...
2006-12-14 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '3da2caa6a3dac230f20ffcd1b963e933f744dbfa'
2006-12-14 Rolf Leggewiepoboxserver: upstream sources gone (temporarily?)....
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczu2nl: update to 1.3
2006-12-14 Koen Kooiangstrom: prefer dbus 1.0.2
2006-12-14 Koen Kooidbus: add 1.0.2
2006-12-14 Koen glib-2.0 isn't needed any more
2006-12-14 Koen Kooimerge of '8ed5d1634e5cf85d56285543499643908effdede'
2006-12-14 Koen Kooidbus 1.0.1: apply patch to fix CVE-2006-6107
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczccache: update to 2.4, fix SRC_URI
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczsane-backends: fix SRC_URI
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewicztask-qpe: removed qpe-vexed and zeecookbook as they...
2006-12-14 Marcin Juszkiewiczncftp: fix SRC_URI for 3.1.9
2006-12-13 Koen add it
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewiczekg: updated to 1.6
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewiczosb-nrcore: unified recipes, added missing libxt dependency
2006-12-13 Koen Kooibinutils add site prime fix.
2006-12-13 Koen Kooimerge of '184d60b944ea10ce3ad82441a2729777a0ff3122'
2006-12-13 Andrew Wilcoxbinutils: be sure and prime the config.cache for libiberty
2006-12-13 Koen Kooidbus: make Marcin happy:
2006-12-13 Koen Kooimerge of '1fc9d550468a28c01730e8075da9eb6354279e82'
2006-12-13 Andrew Wilcoxjhead: addition of jhead recipe
2006-12-13 Andrew Wilcoxperl: addition of powerpc-linux file and...
2006-12-13 Koen Kooilibx11: revert last commit till someone comes up with...
2006-12-13 Justin Patrinopenzaurus-unstable: virtual/libx11 provider should...
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewiczopenzaurus: we do not want ipsec
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewiczopie-image: install extra stuff on machines with more...
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewicztask-opie: switch to bluez-utils due to fact that bluez...
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewicztask-base: 2.4 machines need modutils-depmod
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewiczopie-image: removed familiar feed stuff
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewiczopenzaurus-unstable: fix binutils-cross-sdk (2.16)...
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewiczotpkeygen: rename otpkeygen binary - close #1663
2006-12-13 Marcin Juszkiewiczgnutls 1.6.0: package libgnutlsxx into separate package...
2006-12-12 Koen Kooimerge of '45fb4fa94d52a65c3a3fa636c6122139173dfa8d'
2006-12-12 Koen KooiBluez: removed outdated stuff so multithreaded bitbake...
2006-12-12 Paul Sokolovskyremoval.txt: Push bluez*2.* removal to a month later...
2006-12-12 Rod Whitbymerge of '26ab4051ec6ee9153656e1ea57a1ea5c53aad6ce'
2006-12-12 Andrew Wilcoxstorcenter.conf: remove IPKG_ARCHS in favor of PACKAGE_...
2006-12-12 Andrew Wilcoxpowerpc-linux: remove superfluous type entries and...
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczgnutls: simplified recipes, dropped version older then...
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczmerge of 'a582b05ef4bc8acaf2777e0d19dad2a5be6399f4'
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczpackage.bbclass: set PATH before running OBJDUMP to...
2006-12-12 Graeme : new version
2006-12-12 Graeme : new version required for claws-mail
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczgnutls: added 1.6.0 - new stable branch
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczremoval: dropped qpe-vexed, zeecookbook
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczzeecookbook: dropped from repository - unfetchable...
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczqpe-vexed: dropped from repository - unfetchable, no...
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczmerge of '89819f9979e4ce42d678a887b2cb1a7daf6b614f'
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczmany files: KERNELORG_MIRROR variable created
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczpcmciautils: simplify recipes
2006-12-12 Koen Kooimerge of '34f6928a9e37b4cbcbf32f2d5a04ecf42a67b8dc'
2006-12-12 Koen Kooifirefox 2.0: add jsautocfg.h for powerpc
2006-12-12 Koen Kooimerge of '0f6914ddb71c4af09ef7eaffe37c3c74c50c60b7'
2006-12-12 Koen Kooifirefox 2.0: move jsautocfg.h to arm/
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczmerge of '14cb91ca9bde319dd1a0b9521a6f7b44c8d5d462'
2006-12-12 Marcin Juszkiewiczgpe-mixer: dropped older then 0.42
2006-12-12 Graeme Gregorymerge of '19860068438a3f48413a2f40e4032ce5e8c1fe7d'
2006-12-12 Graeme : add a version 2.0 of the browser....
2006-12-12 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '033a134d8063d99bff7b1df1b0d14984874b7b2c'
2006-12-12 Rolf Leggewieconf/bitbake.conf: Update default SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR...
2006-12-12 Koen Kooifontconfig: use some more sed magic to stop the wrong...
2006-12-12 Koen Kooilibx11: don't use oe_runmake to build makekeys since...
2006-12-11 Holger FreytherAdd gnu.m4 which has a copy of the libiberty calls...
2006-12-11 Holger FreytherUse aclocal -I m4 to generate the aclocal.m4. Somehow...
2006-12-11 Koen Kooipowerpc-linux site: add some more entries
2006-12-11 Koen Kooiefika: add MACHINE_FEATURES
2006-12-11 Cliff Brakex86.conf: switch to task-base
2006-12-11 Cliff Brakemerge of '7ccd015112b8aa69fbfe95acc1893ca13ac30992'
2006-12-11 Graeme Gregorymerge of '7168bc90d12251e04fc9d38ea7a8082b002fff93'
2006-12-11 Graeme Gregorymerge of '5213367b0a50df561f29c1075ae072d630b19966'
2006-12-11 Andrew Wilcoxapache2-native: doesn't build if native apr is found.
2006-12-11 Cliff Brakelogicpd-pxa270.conf: convert to task-base
2006-12-11 Cliff Brakecompulab-pxa270.conf: convert to task-base
2006-12-11 Andrew Wilcoxlinux-storcenter: missing depend on uboot-utils for...