2008-08-04 Philip Balistermerge of 'b7175a8d7fdb02e01e375f3df1f6ab39e8ef01ed'
2008-08-04 Marcin Juszkiewiczmerge of '474680366447a4dab2f989364e5d93df82ff5054'
2008-08-04 Marcin Juszkiewiczfontconfig: added 2.6.0 from Poky - should close #2951
2008-08-04 Koen Kooivlc-davinci: bump SRCREV
2008-08-04 Koen Kooineuros public: update nwm, mainmenu and lib-widgets...
2008-08-04 Koen Kooineuros-pkggen: sync with neuros git
2008-08-04 Koen Kooilinux-neuros: bump SRCREV
2008-08-04 Michael Lauermerge of '5fce36059a59f5f0270baf7f4ddbb9cb496ea312'
2008-08-04 Michael Lauerdgen-sdl 1.23 fix build. closes #1255
2008-08-04 Marcin Juszkiewiczgsoap-native: unbreak build - close #2373
2008-08-04 Marcin Juszkiewiczglibc: use ARM instruction set always - it is not build...
2008-08-04 Koen Kooiffmpeg git: bump SRCREV for arm
2008-08-04 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '434c9b83795714321c5e83703daa92ea144962c8'
2008-08-04 Rolf Leggewienandlogical: set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to c7x0 for now...
2008-08-04 Thomas Kunzemerge of '4d50db658eb49ec921eb903f0d6f18de6e4b5dd8'
2008-08-03 Thomas Kunzekexecboot: fix build of initramfs-kexecboot-image
2008-08-03 Thomas Kunzemerge of '0c6c5626491aa3d427ad2222eaa182e53154da9e'
2008-08-03 Tom Rinikernel.bbclass: use KERNEL_OUTPUT where possible
2008-08-03 Michael Lauerstrace 4.5.14 fix compiling for mips[-el]. closes bug...
2008-08-03 Michael Lauermerge of '3d37ffd4df7a43763fa8642112a238989e1e85ae'
2008-08-03 Michael Laueradd glib-2.0 entries to mips[-el]-linux. closes bug...
2008-08-03 Andrea Adaminandlogical: initial release. closes 4470.
2008-08-03 Thomas Kunzemerge of '406c90b8a818c97f925962469fd82f2ed13008f4'
2008-08-03 Thomas Kunzefiles: add some stuff to device_table_add-mmc.txt and...
2008-08-03 Thomas Kunzelinux-rp: add jffs as buildin for collie
2008-08-03 Philip Balisternfs-utils : Fix support for util-linux-ng. See bug...
2008-08-03 Koen Kooiwebkit gtk: bump SRCREV
2008-08-03 Daniel Add frameworkd.conf to CONFFILES...
2008-08-03 Graeme Gregorymerge of '5a52ab566d209c638ed43eed3f5755590d21a427'
2008-08-03 Rolf Leggewieotpcalc: add defition of S which indeed is not expendab...
2008-08-03 Michael Lauermerge of '1fc0d39fdc86680d51d6fec00f6cc3ba43d300f3'
2008-08-03 Michael Lauertangogps all fix S
2008-08-03 Philip Balisterlinux-omap2 : Update ASoC patches.
2008-08-03 Phil Blundellmerge of '1e7e45502df6c52d725444e6655b368305ffe8d6'
2008-08-03 Phil Blundellgpe-plucker: use correct RANLIB, reported by c.romain...
2008-08-03 Koen Kooiu-boot git: bump SRCREV for neuros-osd2
2008-08-03 Koen Kooimerge of '12e8362ccf0740454595721a242cfb8e867eb512'
2008-08-03 Oyvind Repviksamba: Move cifs.patch from .inc to .bb as newer versio...
2008-08-03 Khem Rajapply uclibc-arm-ftruncate64 patch for 0.9.29
2008-08-03 Khem Rajmerge of '696f3c5e555284edab7d8cdb02487889a270786b'
2008-08-03 Andrea commit attachment 9873 from bug 3738
2008-08-03 Rolf Leggewieespgs: build with support for gutenprint, gimpprint...
2008-08-03 Rolf Leggewierrdtool: some cleanup
2008-08-02 Tim Ellisrrdtool: fixup in EXTRA_OECONF to get past error in...
2008-08-02 Koen Kooimerge of 'dde1602d414f1e9af9fbf46e7fea13cda79bdd4c'
2008-08-02 Koen something in the qt build process...
2008-08-02 Paul Eggletonmerge of '0af36442f2b5ad5f505d802f19a109562afaee66'
2008-08-02 Paul Eggletonmerge of '987c8d92ee736e8162fb230be7d61936f9640e8d'
2008-08-02 Paul Eggletonkonqueror-embedded: fix build problems
2008-08-02 Rolf Leggewieflac: consolidate and unify. preparing closure of...
2008-08-02 Khem Rajmerge of '0af36442f2b5ad5f505d802f19a109562afaee66'
2008-08-02 Khem Rajcreate the ChangeLog file that hold irssi date and...
2008-08-02 Koen Kooigst-ffmpeg: bump PR to pick up ffmpeg SOVERSION change
2008-08-02 Koen Kooiqmake2 native: update to 4.4.1 and fix builds from...
2008-08-02 Koen Kooimerge of '5dde2d982b4415230cf4fcc1095f4a732837813a'
2008-08-02 Koen Kooiuicmoc4 native: fix staging
2008-08-02 Koen Kooibeagleboard: build u-boot and x-load
2008-08-02 Koen Kooimerge of 'a675a323523cfdb282fa64bd2a0e42d19d71db33'
2008-08-02 Rolf Leggewielibmpcdec: initial release 1.2.6. Closes 4385.
2008-08-02 Michael Lauersamba: remove some unsupported ones. confirm #2117...
2008-08-02 Michael Lauerlibmatchbox 1.9 fix bug #2048
2008-08-02 Michael Lauercreate nonworking directory among conf/machine, so...
2008-08-02 Michael Lauermerge of '53ed84a346013a17d2e419b516e0718f0a5ea922'
2008-08-02 Michael Lauerpython 2.5.2 RDEPENDS_python-logging += python-pickle
2008-08-02 Koen Kooigcc-cross-intermediate: remove dummy *after...
2008-08-02 Koen Kooiffmpeg git: bump SRCREV
2008-08-02 Koen Kooiu-boot: make do_deploy safe for packaged-staging and...
2008-08-02 Koen Kooix-load: merge x-load recipe and patches from sakoman...
2008-08-02 Phil Blundellmerge of '93e88a1c0fbbb69dbad706857468d431d612b9c9'
2008-08-02 Phil Blundelllrzsz: straighten out alternatives, patch from martyn...
2008-08-02 Koen Kooigpe-scap: bump PR to get fix
2008-08-02 Dmitry Artamonowoneko: initial release. closes 4271
2008-08-02 Rolf Leggewietangogps: update to 0.9.2. Closes 4438.
2008-08-02 Rolf Leggewieotpcalc: add initial version 0.97 based on work from...
2008-08-01 Khem RajConsider i386 when making XMLCALL as decl type.
2008-08-01 Khem RajMove the RRECOMMEND for libgcc from glibc to busybox.
2008-08-01 Khem RajDelete dummy that was created during glibc...
2008-08-01 Koen Kooiqt4: update qt/e and qt4-x11 to 4.4.1
2008-08-01 Phil Blundelllibstroke: new, patch from
2008-08-01 Phil Blundellbash: apply patch from to set...
2008-08-01 Phil Blundellmerge of 'a061abf4bdeedaccdb10ef3b7372827d261db509'
2008-08-01 Phil Blundellbash_3.2: apply more patches from upstream
2008-08-01 Phil Blundellmesa-dri: squash bogus dependency on nonexistent package
2008-08-01 Michael Lauerframeworkd git RDEPENDS += python-subprocess
2008-08-01 Michael Lauermerge of '03e37205ddb308324f3e7b1e882c50510b125716'
2008-08-01 Michael Lauerpython-evas cvs patch has been accepted upstream
2008-08-01 Michael Lauerpython-dbus 0.82.4 update to 0.83.0
2008-08-01 Phil Blundellblueprobe: add rx3000 support, patch from roman.moravci...
2008-08-01 Koen Kooilinux omap2 git: update serial hang patches for beagleboard
2008-08-01 Daniel The keyboard is now runtime configurable
2008-08-01 Daniel Willmannconf/distr/include/ Update EFL_SRCDAT...
2008-08-01 Michael Lauermerge of 'b99a6dc2eb39390c552fe0329acbb5ed94fa5fcf'
2008-08-01 Michael Laueropenmoko-panel-battery: needs libnotify now
2008-08-01 Robert Schustermerge of '13530e1cbba5e3db86e8ea9713ffcf460f77b92c'
2008-08-01 Robert Schusterclasspath-native 0.97.2:
2008-07-31 Robert Schustermerge of '42cb81c40550397bea69b71bcc8768f0b8b81476'
2008-07-31 Robert Set RDEPENDS to empty to prevent...
2008-07-31 Thomas Kunzemerge of '250b98d355e1a4b79caaec9ef041f42db95a2b7f'
2008-07-31 Thomas package command line for a kernel
2008-07-31 OpenEmbedded... merge of '4fe1dea49ed06e807afde9b963aafccb124edd4d'