2007-01-03 Marcin Juszkiewiczlinux-hackndev: FIX palmld defconfig
2007-01-03 Koen add testdisk. From the homepage:
2007-01-03 Marcin Juszkiewiczmerge of '4a394f7770c7d370e3ad0bf4e77cb2288e195180'
2007-01-03 Marcin Juszkiewiczlinux-hackndev 2.6: added kernel recipe for Palm Tungst...
2007-01-03 Marcin Juszkiewiczpalmld: fix kernel name
2007-01-03 Marcin Juszkiewiczpalmtx: added machine description for Palm Tungsten...
2007-01-02 Koen Kooibasefiles: add fstab for efika and ep93xx
2007-01-02 Philip Balistermerge of '155f936fb623fd266abcbacae678f48bbbecc4ab'
2007-01-02 Philip Balisteromap5912osk : Select u-boot version automatically.
2007-01-02 Philip Balisteropenomap.conf : Select kernel version automatically.
2007-01-02 Philip Balisterlinux-omap1-2.6.19-omap1 : Add patch to fix kernel...
2007-01-02 Koen Kooibasefiles: updates:
2007-01-02 Koen Kooimerge of '2cb5af15b69e039f3a37629ca3a637b05cae7138'
2007-01-02 Koen Kooimerge of '1944e442d97092991784475bf4b8980e60c5c3fc'
2007-01-02 Koen Kooiangstrom oabi: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE is a bit unreliable...
2007-01-02 Philip Balistermerge of '1664f078d7d8c6db4b6cc004f6007fe7f4067110'
2007-01-02 Philip : Add new bb file to build u-boot-1...
2007-01-02 Richard Purdielinux-rp-2.6.19+git: Update to ASoC 0.13pre1, fix compi...
2007-01-02 Andrew Wilcoxopenprotium_packages: remove non-building libdvb
2007-01-02 Andrew Wilcoxjhead: add do_install
2007-01-02 Koen Kooiopentapi: add (untested) initscript
2007-01-02 Richard Purdielinux-rp-2.6.19+git: Really fix the backlight patch
2007-01-02 Richard PurdieAdd rootfs_deb.bbclass from Poky
2007-01-02 Richard PurdieAdd package_deb.bbclass from Poky
2007-01-02 Richard PurdieAdd qemux86.conf from Poky (and update qemu rootfs...
2007-01-02 Richard Purdielinux-rp-2.6.19+git: Fix patch order
2007-01-02 Koen Kooilinux-rp 2.6.19+git: s/DOSRC/RPSRC/ for kexec patch
2007-01-02 Rod Whitbymerge of ac6e8d15cf5ae7a73c08461735cc5b67f8327d2b
2007-01-02 Mike Westerhofopenslug/debianslug: add via-velocity NIC driver module...
2007-01-02 Rod Whitbymerge of 'bcaae16b49f72fbc56e2ec7aa8633d3f55b36d2f'
2007-01-02 Rod Whitbymerge of c598e249842cbe91970bb34d033cec3f7506d983
2007-01-02 Rod Whitbymerge of 399a28c52fc147b1a3218c47622126f864b2e129
2007-01-02 Koen Kooignome-vfs-dbus: the -dbus branch has been merged upstre...
2007-01-02 Koen Kooimerge of 'c0e1d74b2a331789caaf72b458b57924d21c7da3'
2007-01-02 Koen Kooitinymail + maemo-mapper: depends on gnome-vfs, not...
2007-01-02 Leon Woestenbergmerge of '1dab1e878846ddfdd02a4299ee92d3bab84010ea'
2007-01-02 Leon Woestenbergmerge of '132be09ee353f798eadc984f8f09e27e68180850'
2007-01-02 Leon Woestenberglinux-efika: Enabled build of audio driver as module.
2007-01-02 Koen Kooiaspell: fix compilation for powerpc
2007-01-02 Leon Woestenbergmerge of '787ba7a97720606befccca45c0f4830be98cc964'
2007-01-01 Leon Woestenbergmerge of '1897dabec68161c37cd3543ac7f113e99557ec54'
2007-01-01 Leon Woestenberglinux-efika: Added audio driver and device tree fixup...
2007-01-01 Koen Kooikanjipad: correct some cflags
2007-01-01 Koen Kooilibusb: fix compilation for powerpc
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 78778155572656a77b8d6701c0de1a1d44e81164
2007-01-01 Koen Kooikanjipad: add svn version
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 218a25224a00ea088b998fa5b64c604a674f4d0f
2007-01-01 Koen Kooia780: include opentapi in the default rootfs. opentapi...
2007-01-01 Koen Kooiezx-boot-usb: add 0.1.0 release
2007-01-01 Koen Kooimerge of 'dad836385287178e12f53cd63adfb7b695a4c09f'
2007-01-01 Koen Kooiezx-boot-usb: update to svn rev 1922 which adds support...
2007-01-01 Mike Westerhofmerge of '42098e571e50812e9146ed9ceaf3d271d88bca35'
2007-01-01 Koen Kooilibbacon: gnome cvs moved to svn, so lets use that
2007-01-01 Mike WesterhofOpenslug: update svn version to include updated velocit...
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 1944e442d97092991784475bf4b8980e60c5c3fc
2007-01-01 Koen Kooimerge of '5c1ed62467a4b699ec7940179d22e83acf36ad4f'
2007-01-01 Koen Kooiixp4xxle.conf: add tune-xscale
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 5c1ed62467a4b699ec7940179d22e83acf36ad4f
2007-01-01 Richard Purdieimage.bbclass rootfs_ipk.bbclass: Move common functiona...
2007-01-01 Richard Purdiepackage.bbclass: Add fakeroot-native as a depenedncy...
2007-01-01 Richard Purdiesiteinfo.bbclass: Demote site files message to debug...
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 5dac0e1b5f9f45a441a326fa1473ba5075ccaa72
2007-01-01 Richard Purdiebase.bbclass: Allow base_contains to take an array...
2007-01-01 Richard Purdiesite/arm-linux: Update samba entries with results from...
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 1897dabec68161c37cd3543ac7f113e99557ec54
2007-01-01 Richard Purdiesite: Resort arm-common to match ix86-common, tidy...
2007-01-01 Koen Kooicontrib/site-conf: add all m4 files to aclocal.m4
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 2a4c7bfbf154708a85c5f3e34620be45b44a137d
2007-01-01 Richard Purdiesite: Start to refactor files to benefit from common...
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 9283ad401412a7de1e13fc4899546b7284a153b5
2007-01-01 Koen Kooilibxft: update to 2.1.12
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 67bd39f2857c8d500ea6587f646708b1cf8072af
2007-01-01 Richard Purdielinux-rp-2.6.19+git: Fix hx2000 suspend/resume
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 08158e66a13b9f88a9a08e7326a67afcbd847d7c
2007-01-01 Richard Purdielinux-rp: 2.6.19+git update to 2.6.10-rc2, fix mainline...
2007-01-01 Rod Whitbymerge of 1222261ca62e414c7961ea346568199452af3ce8
2007-01-01 Koen Kooiangstrom: bump SRCDATE
2006-12-31 Richard Purdieqemu: No need to look for sdl-config-native now
2006-12-31 Richard PurdieRename: image_ipk -> image.bbclass, IPKG_INSTALL -...
2006-12-31 Richard PurdieSplit STAGING_BINDIR into CROSS and NATIVE versions...
2006-12-31 Richard Purdielinux-rp: Update to xscale_cache patch version r1
2006-12-31 Richard Purdieecore: Patch in kernel header definitions to avoid...
2006-12-31 Richard Purdieapmd: Fix -dev package
2006-12-31 Rod Whitbymerge of 75df08ef6f859dde5bd1e1929e94ba188247d5a3
2006-12-31 Richard Purdiegdb: Add 6.6, drop 6.1, 6.2, 6.2.1. Make gdb RRECOMMEND...
2006-12-31 Rod Whitbymerge of 5e90ea32d08c39dcb59801e6c3df234c974417a7
2006-12-31 Richard Purdietslib: Have a sane default file to match what...
2006-12-31 Richard Purdiesqueezeclient: Add squeeze client (from #1717 with...
2006-12-31 Rod Whitbymerge of 0b937eda3a0ec22f59a9ad6a43602697b57732e9
2006-12-31 Rolf Leggewiemerge of '44da8efcf85940e173cd83b2ea95fa7ae8782bb5'
2006-12-31 Rolf Leggewieremove extra whitespace at end-of-line in about 900...
2006-12-31 Rod Whitbymerge of 44da8efcf85940e173cd83b2ea95fa7ae8782bb5
2006-12-31 Mike Westerhofmerge of '1909baf9ab12a452e81ce3457dd41c34cd9be405'
2006-12-31 Mike WesterhofUnslung: kernel: added pwc device as a kernel module
2006-12-31 Mike WesterhofUnslung: slingbox - bump up to busybox 1.3.1
2006-12-30 Paul Sokolovskymerge of '0cfaa91f1c4baed2bd0f736997c312adea35d3b8'
2006-12-30 Paul Sokolovskylinux-handhelds-2.6 cvs: CVS HEAD is at 2.6.19-hh7...
2006-12-30 Rod Whitbymerge of 0cfaa91f1c4baed2bd0f736997c312adea35d3b8
2006-12-30 Koen Kooimx[23]1-kernel: use a proper PV
2006-12-30 Rod Whitbymerge of 635b821d34af0762478f5f451929137a56d1ed1c