2006-12-29 Rod Whitbymerge of 1a1cd1c2ecbe0712e9f54f87f4b4d4b4b659ad93
2006-12-29 Koen Kooicairo git: adjust PV
2006-12-29 Koen Kooicairo: drop obsolete recipes
2006-12-29 Koen Kooigstreamer: remove 0.8.x as indicated in removal.txt
2006-12-29 Koen Kooiangstrom: add OABI version for armv4 machines
2006-12-29 Rod Whitbymerge of 00ab42cecad6f3cff7e430dfe1e456ffab6ee08c
2006-12-29 Marcin Juszkiewiczmerge of '3961d9fa0932ee3f91d25b24350816ff1c3c7ff8'
2006-12-29 Marcin Juszkiewiczdebian.bbclass: fix typo
2006-12-28 Rod Whitbymerge of 3961d9fa0932ee3f91d25b24350816ff1c3c7ff8
2006-12-28 Dirk Opferconf/machine/include/tosa-2.6.conf: remove obsolete...
2006-12-28 Paul Sokolovskymerge of '17fc8adec6d502462c6f0f5c22d99090aa08294d'
2006-12-28 Paul Sokolovskymerge of '67bd2a01b2c73ef78e1377bb96d53fbd47234ce4'
2006-12-28 Paul Sokolovskyangstrom-2007.1: Add h3900 to supported machines, requi...
2006-12-28 Rod Whitbymerge of 17fc8adec6d502462c6f0f5c22d99090aa08294d
2006-12-28 Richard Purdieudev: Update touchscreen rule so it doesn't require...
2006-12-28 Koen Kooilibschedle: clean up and add dependency on libgpewidget
2006-12-28 Richard Purdielinux-rp: Add xscale_cache_workaround patch to fix...
2006-12-28 Rod Whitbymerge of 7f3e4e4b673d55d27ea70c09699c29ae8871a6f5
2006-12-28 Paul Sokolovskymerge of 'ba38f1add834ef18b0adcadae9316eaf8400e6ee'
2006-12-28 Paul Sokolovskylinux-handhelds-2.6: Add 2.6.19-hh7.
2006-12-27 Rod Whitbymerge of 8136011b9a0c1fa2ab8410bc7a02d99ee264d426
2006-12-27 Andrew Wilcoximagemagick: fix typo, and remove xml and perl support...
2006-12-27 Rod Whitbymerge of '3c8de2560478b42631b53f526f6839d2a4403cc9'
2006-12-27 Paul Sokolovskyblueangel: Rename machine to htcblueangel.
2006-12-27 Rod Whitbymerge of 5c901b0cb81fef82d2c0bd783dd94551f4d1d244
2006-12-27 Koen Kooilinux-handhelds: add blueangel to COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
2006-12-27 Rod Whitbymerge of 2bce4e429b6826e376c7bb1d60ceaad4e7dd26bf
2006-12-27 Koen Kooignome-vfs: add 2.6.13 (partially from poky). This versi...
2006-12-27 Koen Kooimediatomb: add svn version
2006-12-27 Koen Kooimerge of '2040fbc4df2aa380693c353ed60010c6857265d0'
2006-12-27 Koen Kooilibexif: fix do_install and staging
2006-12-27 Rod Whitbymerge of 2040fbc4df2aa380693c353ed60010c6857265d0
2006-12-27 Dirk Opferwlan-ng-modules: new snapshot 20061109
2006-12-27 Dirk Opferadd 2.4.7
2006-12-27 Dirk Opferadd 2.0.9 version
2006-12-27 Rod Whitbymerge of 0fcc0eb9ebe0187095f35e237c3bd3a2093a4ef3
2006-12-27 Koen Kooilinux-hh 2.6.16-hh8: add patch from Milan Plzik to...
2006-12-27 Arjan Schrijverh1940: clean up machine config
2006-12-27 Rod Whitbymerge of 2710d036183d5424c82e22efdc8fff1070e81b92
2006-12-26 Rod Whitbymerge of 84ec571b79ff08dffe361c8e9f9fa61a10ac2380
2006-12-26 Koen Kooiintltool: update to 0.35.2
2006-12-26 Rod Whitbymerge of 469700449a3e130b38c90091651ec45455b58895
2006-12-26 Koen Kooievince: add missing DEPENDS on libxt
2006-12-26 Koen Kooimerge of '315f8d949ff4e2e3c22ae6f04a8b05818b5a7403'
2006-12-26 Koen Kooipoppler: cleanups:
2006-12-26 Rod Whitbymerge of 315f8d949ff4e2e3c22ae6f04a8b05818b5a7403
2006-12-26 Mike Westerhofixp4xx-kernel: bumped SVN to include the dsmg600 fixes...
2006-12-26 Rod Whitbymerge of '634b0214148424e84159707c395801ad41e82725'
2006-12-26 Rod Whitbyslugos-image: Fixed missing change to SLUGOS_FLASH_IMAGE
2006-12-25 Rod Whitbymerge of 0ee8224b8b54771764675f2d2fb9f0b0c5de3b0e
2006-12-25 Rod Whitbymerge of 69397d319e2521a5695b757ce8d4759abc651806
2006-12-25 Leon Woestenbergmerge of '7a9c6dcd00355e7f104559fd3a74974aad0d5967'
2006-12-25 Leon WoestenbergThe source package for uboot-utils is u-boot, not ...
2006-12-25 Koen Kooignomebaker: add 0.6.0
2006-12-25 Rod Whitbymerge of 63008daf27328c2ed40b755ed2f79949ddb01818
2006-12-25 Koen Kooitune-thumb: remove explicit -nothumb, it is now disable...
2006-12-25 Rod Whitbymerge of 65b511b81bcf7e1ae96e859bfc24c8a5bddfb9bb
2006-12-25 Arjan Schrijverh1940: updated machine config
2006-12-25 Rod Whitbymerge of 2b6e23ac68e02186b4ddae31bd8871b9569d0b55
2006-12-25 Koen Kooiangstrom-bootstrap-image: honour ANGSTROM_EXTRA_INSTALL
2006-12-25 Rod Whitbymerge of 6bfd9403f72a27b0681b16fca8d367883c564eb4
2006-12-25 Koen Kooibitbake.conf: remove reference to task-bootstrap
2006-12-25 Rod Whitbymerge of 469f1eb1ad527334a8c5f9143e791be88ede9109
2006-12-25 Michael Lauermerge of 2c2427ae9aeb6ca358a92e745e1051f1d06134df
2006-12-25 Rod Whitbyslugos: Added NAS100d image support
2006-12-25 Michael Lauerpython: update to 2.4.4
2006-12-24 Rod Whitbymerge of 65c95bf6c423272c963b3df3c62c0fcee9c7cf71
2006-12-24 Mike Westerhofmerge of '56608badb3c66e42a7caddfbac78081041eb2557'
2006-12-24 Mike - now creates an image file in D-LINK...
2006-12-24 Rod Whitbymerge of 5424fac9de94208647a948e1cf5e2b00fb7dec90
2006-12-24 Michael Lauermerge of 8eaefa4f638dc67e29fb59fca3c6a98e4049eb09
2006-12-24 Rod Whitbymerge of 8eaefa4f638dc67e29fb59fca3c6a98e4049eb09
2006-12-24 Koen Kooiangstrom 2007.1: prefer an older glib-2.0 for armv4t
2006-12-24 Rod Whitbymerge of 99ee044261525e1f0b08f49f73d9a39028c8dcc7
2006-12-24 Mike Westerhofslugos-init: reflash - added support for the DSM-G600...
2006-12-24 Rod Whitbymerge of 0f4c7b9e539d7c0a849ae138f7f34bb62ae3bb24
2006-12-24 Mike WesterhofBusybox: patch df rootfs device handling code so that...
2006-12-23 Rod Whitbymerge of 6bcacc9371f97cfdd5bcf5507e1afc90ece8b3ad
2006-12-23 Andrew Wilcoxopenprotium-packages: remove broken packages, add a...
2006-12-23 Andrew Wilcoxopenprotium-image: better packing of image. fix of...
2006-12-23 Rod Whitbymerge of 1102b39e42b1d6e10526d47d3c6263b7291b8974
2006-12-23 Andrew Wilcoxinitscripts-openprotium: improved checking for the...
2006-12-23 Andrew Wilcoxmerge of '359cb2ede75783898c85d7b22cc9699eaf345d8a'
2006-12-23 Andrew Wilcoxmerge of '375e23fc245ce8133b9f6b1700490e3ff83121e7'
2006-12-23 Andrew Wilcoxopenprotium-init: a descendant of slugos-init with...
2006-12-23 Rod Whitbymerge of 07869413caf55a45b7b829f157f9ce531f8538da
2006-12-23 Michael Lauerremoval.txt: remove familiar-unstable.conf from the...
2006-12-23 Michael Lauerfamiliar[-unstable].conf: "clean" up the situation...
2006-12-23 Rod Whitbymerge of aca32242c3aeda1deec71cb3492a56279b957c6c
2006-12-23 Leon WoestenbergAdded bitbake recipe for libzvbi 0.2.24.
2006-12-23 Koen Kooisapwood engine: add svn version
2006-12-23 Koen Kooiangstrom: prefer cairo 1.3.10
2006-12-23 Koen Kooicairo: update to 1.3.10
2006-12-22 Rod Whitbymerge of ac11f26f12bf43c4861e065ce644f72654c7cebd
2006-12-22 Koen Kooihiker: initial version of Access' hiker application...
2006-12-22 Rod Whitbymerge of da3cdfb77d78c30d35dd871b78d9365f8bc3a22d
2006-12-22 Koen Kooignet cvs: stage all
2006-12-22 Rod Whitbymerge of 0e47f1ec02c7c5b2942ab3c42effa12ef8977a20
2006-12-22 Koen Kooiangstrom: really add powerpc providers
2006-12-22 Koen Kooiangstrom: add provider for powerpc stuff