2013-05-03 Andreas Monznertake care of mtd partiton size (fixes MEMREADOOB: Bad... master
2013-05-03 Andreas Monznernicer debug output
2012-11-04 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to generate a buildimage cmdline for...
2012-11-02 Andreas Monzneradd support for different 7020hd flash chips
2012-02-14 Andreas Monzneradd 7020hd support, dont write jffs2 empty block markers
2011-03-21 Andreas Oberritterwritenfi: use erase_block_size to detect end of a block
2011-03-21 Andreas Oberritterfix: return values for nand_*() are now bool
2011-03-21 Andreas Oberrittergeneralize and clean up the code, partially
2011-03-20 Andreas Oberritterinitial commit