fetch2: fix unpack of .xz files
[bitbake.git] / TODO
2011-10-27 Richard PurdieMerge branch 'master' of git.openembedded.org:bitbake
2011-10-26 Cliff BrakeLinefeed to test commits
2011-02-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch '1.10'
2010-12-17 Chris LarsonMove LAYERDIR expansion hack into DataSmart
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'logging'
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonAdd pending deprecation warnings to the bb.msg functions
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonSwitch bitbake internals to use logging directly rather...
2010-08-27 Chris LarsonUse the python logging module under the hood for bb.msg
2010-08-11 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'data'
2010-06-24 Chris LarsonAdd a couple long term, high impact TODO items
2010-06-21 Chris LarsonUntil the interactive mode is fixed, kill it from the...
2010-06-10 Chris LarsonAdd exception bits to TODO
2010-06-10 Chris LarsonAdd fatal bits and LAYERDIR bits to TODO
2010-06-09 Chris LarsonUpdate the TODO
2007-03-11 Richard PurdieUpdate ChangeLog for 1.7.x changes, cleanup TODO
2005-06-15 Holger Hans Peter... BitBake (minor update):
2005-05-23 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/TODO:
2005-05-20 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/TODO: