Fix task variable expansion issue
[bitbake.git] / bin / bbimage
2008-02-23 Richard Purdiebbimage: Update to reflect recent core changes
2006-12-08 Holger Hans Peter... Add proper GPLv2 headers to all BitBake files
2006-09-09 Richard Purdiebbimage: Add call to init logging variable
2006-09-08 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/trunk/bitbake/bin/bbimage: prepend the path...
2005-06-15 Marcin JuszkiewiczKeep all temporary files in proper place not in TMPDIR...
2005-05-17 Holger Hans Peter... createCopy:
2004-12-08 Chris LarsonUpdate the 'usage' information displayed by --help...
2004-12-07 Chris LarsonInitial import.