BUGFIX: oe.build.mkstamp had a hardcoded path to the stamps dir.
[bitbake.git] / bin / build /
2004-05-09 Chris LarsonWhitespace changes. Reformat things to better match...
2004-04-12 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-10-15 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/README
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oeset
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oenote
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oefatal
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oedebug
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonAuto merged
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oebuild.sh
2003-09-16 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-09-09 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: perms on sed'd libtool binaries
2003-09-09 Chris LarsonAdd libtool handling to oe_runconf. First, locates...
2003-09-04 Chris LarsonAdd some more target filesystem paths
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonAllow seperate build dir from src
2003-07-10 Chris LarsonRename oemake the make spawn tool to prevent namespace...
2003-06-26 Chris LarsonAdjust output
2003-06-25 Chris LarsonCleanup oebuild.sh, remove items which are no longer...
2003-06-11 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: Correct extraction paths for .gz, .Z, etc now...
2003-06-10 Chris LarsonExclude
2003-06-10 Chris LarsonFix for the unpacker wrt directories
2003-06-10 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-06-02 Chris LarsonRename: bin/build/base.oeclass -> bin/classes/base...
2003-05-30 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-05-30 Chris Larson'inherit' functionality
2003-05-09 Holger Schurigsome renames
2003-05-06 Holger Schurigpkg_..() & src_..() -> do_..()
2003-05-03 Holger Schurigadded lots of functions
2003-04-27 Holger Schurig(no commit message)
2003-03-23 Holger Schurig(no commit message)