Use /usr/bin/env to locate python.
[bitbake.git] / bin / oeinstall
2003-12-06 Chris LarsonUse /usr/bin/env to locate python.
2003-12-02 Chris LarsonFix oeinstall and oemake to call python, not python2.
2003-11-22 Chris LarsonMake oeinstall cmdline override INST_OEPKGS, and make...
2003-10-24 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-10-23 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: the inheritance cache wasnt local to a given...
2003-10-23 Chris LarsonRevamp oeinstall, now supports multiple install types...
2003-09-22 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-09-20 Chris LarsonAdd -f/--files to oeinstall.