Add bin/bitbakec to .gitignore
[bitbake.git] / bin /
2010-01-22 Richard Purdiebitbake: Don't import xmlrpc server unless needed
2010-01-22 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Add import server
2010-01-21 Richard Purdiebbimage: Drop, nobody should be using that now as its...
2010-01-21 Richard Purdiebitbake: Fix UI failure exception handling with python 2.6
2010-01-19 Richard PurdieDrop version requirement to 2.5 apart from XMLRPC mode
2010-01-19 Richard Purdiebitdoc: Fixup against recent core changes
2010-01-18 Richard PurdieAdd none server type to avoid xmlrpc in the default...
2010-01-14 Richard PurdieSolidify server class creation
2009-10-17 Richard PurdieAdd a compare-versions command which returns whether...
2009-09-14 Chris LarsonOnly print python exception tracebacks if debugging...
2009-07-23 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Add python 2.6 check (from Poky)
2008-12-06 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Fix cooker log handling after recent changes
2008-12-06 Richard PurdieUpdate the UIs against the core changes and allow dynam...
2008-12-06 Richard Add clean_environment() function and call...
2008-12-06 Richard PurdieAdd tryaltconfigs option to control whether bitbake...
2008-09-30 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Add better environmental variable handling...
2008-09-30 Richard Add parseConfiguration() function and move...
2008-04-06 Richard PurdieAdd experimental/toy dependency explorer UI (based...
2008-03-16 Richard PurdieAdd return value handling (thanks pH5)
2008-02-23 Richard Purdiebbimage: Update to reflect recent core changes
2008-01-20 Richard Add sqlite version checks
2008-01-20 Richard Purdiebitbake: Make trunk python 2.5+ only
2007-11-17 Richard PurdieFetcher SRCREV handling updates, improvements and fixes...
2007-08-25 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Add UI selection option
2007-08-18 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Fix execution order
2007-08-18 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Switch to use new UI code
2007-08-11 Richard Purdiebitbake: Add profiling option -P
2007-04-01 Richard Make -I option a generic one to extend ASSUM...
2007-03-04 Richard PurdieUpdate versions
2007-03-04 Richard Move some functionality to the module init...
2006-12-08 Holger Hans Peter... Add proper GPLv2 headers to all BitBake files
2006-12-06 Richard Clean up pkgs_to_build handling
2006-12-06 Richard Purdiebitbake: Move cooker from bin/bitbake to lib/bb/
2006-12-06 Richard PurdieFix docs typo (from
2006-11-30 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Fix incorrect variable reference
2006-11-29 Richard Purdiefix typo
2006-11-29 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Update generateDotGraph to use taskData...
2006-11-18 Richard Change failed tasks handling so all failed...
2006-11-15 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Improve -b error message
2006-11-13 Richard PurdieBump to version 1.7.4
2006-11-12 Richard Purdiebitbake: Add calls to expandKeys, fixing issues in...
2006-11-12 Richard Improve abort flag handling, fixing severa...
2006-11-01 Holger Hans Peter... BitBake: Tag 1.6.2 and 1.7.2 of BitBake
2006-10-21 Richard Purdiebump 1.7 versions
2006-10-04 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: fix typo
2006-10-03 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: Move handle_data() into parse_bbfiles...
2006-10-03 Richard Stop passing cooker around as its no longer...
2006-09-16 Richard PurdieFix -f force option when used without -b
2006-09-11 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake: parse.handle must have an absolute path
2006-09-11 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/
2006-09-10 Richard Purdielib/bb/ - Use taskData and runQueue directly
2006-09-09 Richard PurdieTurn BBParsingStatus into CacheData and move to
2006-09-09 Richard Purdiebbimage: Add call to init logging variable
2006-09-09 Richard PurdieAdd bitbake -l option to specify debug domains to show
2006-09-09 Richard PurdieComplete conversion to use bb.msg
2006-09-08 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/trunk/bitbake/bin/bbimage: prepend the path...
2006-09-08 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: Richard deserves a real (C) on...
2006-09-08 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/trunk/bitbake: Mention BitBake 1.6 as the stabl...
2006-08-20 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/
2006-08-15 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake: Trunk is now at version 1.7.0
2006-08-15 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake: Assign release number 1.6.0 to the trunk and...
2006-08-14 Richard Purdietrunk/bitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-08-14 Richard Purdietrunk/bitbake/lib/bb/
2006-08-14 Richard Purdietrunk/bitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-08-13 Richard Purdietrunk/bitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-07-08 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/
2006-07-08 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/
2006-05-28 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: DOT code cleanup
2006-05-27 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: Add code to handle RDEPENDS
2006-05-27 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: We need to look at seen_depends...
2006-05-27 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: Add first version of mixed depend...
2006-05-27 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: Kill the generation of the RDEPEN...
2006-05-27 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: Kill whitespace
2006-05-27 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: CLI help updates, DOT generatin...
2006-05-26 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: Add option to ignore dependencies...
2006-05-25 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: Make sure we add all handlers...
2006-05-25 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: Generate DOT depedency start
2006-05-06 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-05-03 Richard Purdiebitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-04-22 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-04-19 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake versions:
2006-04-19 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/
2006-04-17 Holger Hans Peter... bin/bitbake:
2006-04-16 Richard Purdiebitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-04-16 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-04-16 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/
2006-04-16 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/
2006-04-15 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/
2006-04-14 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake:
2006-03-22 Holger Hans Peter... bin/bitbake:
2006-03-21 Holger Hans Peter... bin/bitbake: Micro Optimisation
2006-03-20 Richard Purdiebin/bitbake:
2006-03-19 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake:
2006-03-18 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitdoc:
2006-03-17 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitdoc:
2006-03-17 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitdoc:
2006-03-17 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bitdoc:
2006-03-16 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitdoc:
2006-03-13 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/lib/bb/
2006-03-05 Holger Hans Peter... bitbake/bin/bitbake: