fetch2: fix unpack of .xz files
[bitbake.git] / bin /
2012-05-01 Richard PurdieUpdate version to 1.15.2 (correspdoning to Yocto 1... 1.15.2
2012-04-17 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: hide deprecation warnings
2012-03-29 Richard Purdieui/knotty: Add a footer to the build output for interac...
2012-03-21 Richard PurdieAdd bitbake-dumpsig to make it more obvious how to...
2012-03-20 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: fix traceback in show-overlayed with...
2012-02-23 Dongxiao Xubitbake: add -B option to bind with interface
2012-02-01 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: list overlayed classes in show-overlayed
2012-02-01 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: add show-recipes subcommand
2012-02-01 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: improve show-overlayed output
2012-02-01 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: use directory name as layer name
2012-02-01 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: use dashes in subcommands
2012-02-01 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: add copyright notice
2012-01-20 Richard PurdieBump the version to 1.15.1 1.15.1
2012-01-11 Lianhao Lubitbake: Automatically start local PR service.
2012-01-11 Lianhao Lubitbake/PRservice: Added no_hist mode and export/import.
2012-01-10 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: close files in apply_append()
2012-01-10 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: flatten: warn the user if output struct...
2012-01-10 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: flatten: allow specifying layers to...
2012-01-06 Dongxiao Xubitbake: add a new option "--server-only"
2012-01-04 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: fix Python error during parse
2011-11-27 Richard PurdieUpdate users of getVar/setVar to use the data store...
2011-11-03 Richard PurdieIncrement version post release
2011-11-03 Richard PurdieRelease 1.14.0 origin/1.14 1.14.0
2011-08-15 Joshua LockEnsure only the filtered environment variables are...
2011-08-15 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: extend show_layers
2011-08-15 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: use logger.plain instead of info
2011-08-15 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: show help with no command specified
2011-08-15 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: improve default command help
2011-08-15 Richard Purdiebitbake/logging: Overhaul internal logging process
2011-07-26 Joshua Lockbitbake-layers: adapt to cooker change for saved enviro...
2011-07-25 Richard PurdieUpdate version to 1.13.3 1.13.3
2011-07-25 Joshua Lockbitbake|cooker: save a copy of the environment when...
2011-07-25 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: remove unneeded do_EOF
2011-07-25 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: add command help
2011-07-25 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: check for errors before parsing
2011-07-25 Paul Eggletonadjust comments/messages for default server change
2011-07-25 Paul Eggletonadd note to -b option indicating no dependency handling
2011-07-05 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: fix error on startup caused by recent...
2011-07-05 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: fix sorting by package name for cooker...
2011-07-05 Dexuan Cuibitbake/cooker, bitbake-layers: show the .bbappend...
2011-07-05 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: fix sorting of show_appends output
2011-07-05 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: add command to flatten layers into one
2011-07-05 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: add show_overlayed action
2011-07-01 Joshua Lockbitbake: add -R option for loading configuration files...
2011-07-01 Liping Kebitbake: Make bitbake server type configurable.
2011-06-28 Richard PurdieUpdate version to 1.13.2 1.13.2
2011-06-15 Scott Garmanmake exception handling syntax consistent
2011-06-09 Richard PurdieUpdate version to 1.13.1 1.13.1
2011-06-09 Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: handle skipped recipes
2011-06-09 Richard PurdieDrop psyco support
2011-06-08 Richard Purdiebitbake-layers: Add comment header
2011-06-08 Richard Purdiebitbake/server: Move server specific code into the...
2011-06-08 Richard Purdiebitbake/server/process: Move implementation knowledge...
2011-06-02 Chris LarsonMerge remote branch 'github/exceptions'
2011-05-27 Lianhao LuAdd PR service deamon to bitbake
2011-03-03 Chris Larsonbitbake-layers: drop 2.6 from #!, per Joshua Lock
2011-03-02 Khem Rajfetch, fetch2: Get rid of DeprecationWarning notice
2011-02-18 Richard PurdieIncrement version for development version
2011-02-18 Richard PurdieRelease 1.12.0 1.12.0
2011-02-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch '1.10'
2011-02-07 Chris Larsonbitbake-layers: fix bug with env vars leaking in
2011-02-07 Chris LarsonAdd initial bitbake-layers script
2011-01-10 Chris Larsonbitbake: handle IOError from event_queue.get
2011-01-07 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'poky-sync'
2010-12-30 Richard PurdieImplement task signatures
2010-12-23 Chris LarsonPrepare for 1.10.2 1.10.2
2010-12-17 Chris Larsonbin/bitbake: [HACK] Empty ui event queue on shutdown
2010-12-17 Chris LarsonEnsure LogHandler is set up for the server construction
2010-12-17 Bob FoersterResurrect alternative UIs
2010-12-16 Chris LarsonForcibly shut down the server if the UI is terminated
2010-12-16 Bob Foersterserver: fix interrupt handling for process
2010-12-16 Bob FoersterRun the server and UI in separate processes
2010-12-13 Chris LarsonEnsure that the invalid UI error goes to stderr
2010-12-13 Chris LarsonSilence python 2.7 nested context manager warning
2010-12-10 Chris LarsonKill the uncaught exception handler
2010-12-09 Chris LarsonRename the ui 'init' method to 'main'
2010-12-03 Chris LarsonError more pleasantly when trying to use python2.4
2010-12-02 Chris LarsonDon't show a traceback for a python version error
2010-11-29 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'feature/parallel-parsing'
2010-11-26 Chris LarsonUse __file__, not sys.argv[0]
2010-09-10 Chris LarsonDon't show uncaught exception message for KeyboardInterrupt
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'logging'
2010-09-04 Chris LarsonSwitch bitbake internals to use logging directly rather...
2010-08-30 Jeff Dikecreate cooker object after cleaning the environment
2010-08-27 Chris LarsonUse logging in the knotty ui, and pass the log record...
2010-08-27 Chris LarsonUse the python logging module under the hood for bb.msg
2010-08-11 Chris LarsonIgnore python warnings that come from places we don...
2010-08-11 Chris LarsonMerge branch 'data'
2010-08-06 Chris LarsonDrop the 'ui failed to start' message, as the ui_init...
2010-07-06 Bernhard Reutner... *: use print() as a function
2010-07-01 Jeff Dikecreate cooker object after cleaning the environment
2010-07-01 Jeff DikeMove the logger initialization from cooker to utils
2010-06-21 Chris LarsonApply some 2to3 refactorings
2010-06-21 Chris LarsonUntil the interactive mode is fixed, kill it from the...
2010-06-18 Chris LarsonMove serverConnection.terminate() back into the finally
2010-06-18 Chris LarsonLimit the traceback length in the default exception...
2010-06-16 Chris LarsonResurrect the excepthook, this time just sending the...
2010-06-15 Cliff Brakeremove return in finally statement
2010-06-10 Chris LarsonDrop the non-debug traceback suppressor, at this point...
2010-06-08 Chris LarsonReorganize the main exception handling so an attribute...