Add persitent data store from trunk, sync the fetcher changes to use the persistent...
[bitbake.git] / lib / bb /
2007-07-28 Richard PurdieAdd persitent data store from trunk, sync the fetcher...
2007-03-04 Richard Add events for standard message types
2007-01-04 Marcin Juszkiewiczdrop shebangs from lib/bb scripts
2006-12-08 Holger Hans Peter... Add proper GPLv2 headers to all BitBake files
2006-09-10 Richard Each -l option increases the debug level of...
2006-09-09 Richard PurdieAdd bitbake -l option to specify debug domains to show
2006-09-09 Richard PurdieComplete conversion to use bb.msg
2006-09-09 Richard PurdieConvert fetchers to use bb.msg
2006-08-20 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/
2006-07-15 Michael 'Mickey... msg needs to import sys, it calls it
2006-07-08 Richard Purdiebitbake/lib/bb/