2004-04-30 Michael 'Mickey... another try at importing ASSUME_PROVIDED patch - patch...
2004-04-30 Michael 'Mickey... add dependency tracking for parse cache - patch courtes...
2004-04-30 Michael 'Mickey... first shot at caching .oe files
2004-04-29 Chris LarsonUnbork prevention of the run.* script removal via OEDEBUG.
2004-04-29 Michael 'Mickey... add option '-p' to quit after parsing. this is nice...
2004-04-28 Michael 'Mickey... import sets below to give the Python version check...
2004-04-27 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-26 Michael 'Mickey... improve error message
2004-04-25 Chris LarsonKill one instance of KeyboardInterrupt being swallowed...
2004-04-25 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-24 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-23 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-23 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-23 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-23 Michael 'Mickey... fix off-by-one error in progress-callback
2004-04-21 Chris LarsonAdd 'PREMIRRORS' support, which allows you to use a...
2004-04-21 Gerald Brittonmake 'set -e' in scripts actually work
2004-04-20 Chris LarsonRename: bin/oemake2 -> bin/oemake
2004-04-20 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-20 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-20 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-20 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch oemake2.patch
2004-04-20 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch data.patch
2004-04-17 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch tmpfile
2004-04-17 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch handler.patch
2004-04-14 Chris LarsonHandle md5sum not returning something sane, and handle...
2004-04-13 Michael 'Mickey... This patch moves the comment stripping logic a bit...
2004-04-12 Chris LarsonFix the "already staged" check in oemake2 per the manif...
2004-04-12 Chris LarsonAdd a necessary line back in for the FILE var bits...
2004-04-12 Chris LarsonAuto merged
2004-04-12 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2004-04-12 Chris LarsonAuto merged
2004-04-12 Chris LarsonAdjust FILE handling; ensure .conf parsing sets it.
2004-04-12 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2004-04-11 erichThis patch shuffles some bits around so that
2004-04-11 erich(no commit message)
2004-04-11 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch showdata.patch
2004-04-11 Michael 'Mickey... Import patch image.patch
2004-04-09 erichuse cache in walkdown
2004-04-09 erichenable cache in walkdown
2004-04-06 Michael 'Mickey... more consistency in error messages
2004-04-06 Michael 'Mickey... gracefully continue even if readline is not present
2004-04-04 Michael 'Mickey... print information when expand fails
2004-04-04 Michael 'Mickey... allow dumping the log if OEINCLUDELOGS is set
2004-04-03 erichbacked out FILE (not) fix I submitted few hours ago
2004-04-03 erich${FILE} was not expanded correctly
2004-04-01 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: another missing item from the merge with mickey...
2004-04-01 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: fix an incorrect automatic merge from bk.
2004-04-01 Michael 'Mickey... eliminate usage of string module
2004-04-01 Chris LarsonAuto merged
2004-04-01 Chris Larson.\b\b
2004-04-01 Chris LarsonMerges
2004-04-01 Michael 'Mickey... use common make module
2004-04-01 Michael 'Mickey... supply filename as argument to callback
2004-04-01 Michael 'Mickey... compilefix
2004-04-01 Chris LarsonSCCS merged
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonAdapt to new build vs source dir bits, and dont execute...
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonTeach the oe tools to catch Exception so they fail...
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonRaise an exception when a variable references itself...
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonAdd a parse error exception, and use that for unparsed...
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonImprove performance by cutting down duplication expansions.
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonImplement a check for variable recursion at expansion...
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonUnbork OEDEBUG (sorta)
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonMake use of STAGING_DATADIR
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonFix manifest expansion.
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonCorrect path search order for md5sum in fetch.
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: kill unnecessary empty line in function emission.
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonMove some variable sets out of the parser, add support...
2004-03-31 Chris LarsonManifest updates.. preparing to actually make use of it.
2004-03-31 Michael 'Mickey... support python function expansion
2004-03-31 erichrun fakeroot from ${STAGING_BINDIR}
2004-03-28 Chris LarsonAlterations to OE data behavior.
2004-03-28 Chris LarsonAdd commented set of the export flag on some vars,...
2004-03-28 Michael 'Mickey... support 'fakeroot' attribute for functions
2004-03-27 Michael 'Mickey... add version check
2004-03-27 Chris LarsonChange a few remnant a.has_key(b) users to b in a.
2004-03-23 Chris LarsonTeach oemake to obey OEMASK.
2004-03-23 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: bug that resulted in ${TOPDIR} being unexpanded...
2004-03-23 Michael 'Mickey... refactor some things out into functions
2004-03-23 Michael 'Mickey... fix name
2004-03-23 Michael 'Mickey... check column
2004-03-16 Chris LarsonHandle empty fields specified with '-'
2004-03-16 Chris LarsonAdd another field to the manifest, what the package...
2004-03-16 Chris LarsonOutput do_stage in the proof of concept file manifest...
2004-03-16 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: make oeread usable again.
2004-03-16 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2004-03-15 Chris LarsonUpdate the way we execute python functions, so on failu...
2004-03-13 Michael 'Mickey... give a reason when a task fails
2004-03-11 Chris LarsonFix the attempts to unpack the wrong filename tarball...
2004-03-11 Chris LarsonFix fetching sources for tag (not branch) cvs checkouts.
2004-03-11 Chris LarsonAlter cvs fetching.. when date isnt set, set it to...
2004-03-08 Michael 'Mickey... packages synchronize themselves
2004-03-08 Michael 'Mickey... misc
2004-03-08 Michael 'Mickey... getVar
2004-03-08 Michael 'Mickey... add expandAll
2004-03-06 Michael 'Mickey... version number increment
2004-03-06 Michael 'Mickey... items are now grouped not only by virtual but also...
2004-03-05 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2004-03-03 Chris LarsonRevert a re match change that borked patch application.
2004-03-03 Chris LarsonAdd initial pass at mirror support.