2003-09-20 Chris LarsonDelete: doc/DIRSnVARS
2003-09-20 Chris LarsonDelete: doc/COMMANDS
2003-09-20 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/oebuild.old
2003-09-20 Chris LarsonAdd real, actual, content to README.
2003-09-20 Chris LarsonAdd -f/--files to oeinstall.
2003-09-18 Chris LarsonRemove debugging bits that shouldnt have existed.
2003-09-18 Chris LarsonCreate image deploy dir if it doesnt exist.
2003-09-18 Chris LarsonAdd oe.which() function.
2003-09-18 Chris LarsonUse to spawn the image cmd.
2003-09-18 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-09-17 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: proper default of 'packages' to all oe's in...
2003-09-17 Chris LarsonAlter oemake syntax. see oemake --help for details.
2003-09-17 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonCorrect behavior of die and oefatal.
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonCritical BUGFIX: Add 'directory' handling to unpack...
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDont remove the log after success, its useful to have...
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oeset
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oenote
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oefatal
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/oedebug
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonAuto merged
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonAdd autotools oeclass, and move the bin/build bits...
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonPass 'dirs' param in the reverse directly at export_fun...
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonRemove unnecessary debug output.
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonMove unpack into base oeclass.
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonDelete: bin/build/
2003-09-16 Chris LarsonBetter log handling in exec_func_shell, and call 'sh...
2003-09-16 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-09-12 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-12 Chris LarsonAllow PN-PV files dir
2003-09-11 Chris LarsonAdd mtd bits to TODO
2003-09-10 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-09 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-09 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: perms on sed'd libtool binaries
2003-09-09 Chris LarsonAdd libtool handling to oe_runconf. First, locates...
2003-09-09 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-08 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-08 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: the set_additional_vars was called before updat...
2003-09-05 Chris LarsonAdd busybox conversion to todo
2003-09-04 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-04 Chris LarsonReturn to previous dir after fetching
2003-09-04 Chris LarsonCorrect patcher dependency
2003-09-04 Chris LarsonAdd some more target filesystem paths
2003-09-04 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-09-04 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-02 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-02 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-09-02 Chris LarsonConvenience function
2003-09-02 Chris LarsonAdd __str__ method to digraph for diagnostic purposes.
2003-07-31 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-07-31 Chris LarsonUpdate oebuild and oemake usage information
2003-07-30 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: Make --cmd work for oemake (-c worked previousl...
2003-07-30 Chris LarsonRemove the necessity to append do_ to commands to clean...
2003-07-30 Chris LarsonComplete TODO: Allow specifying TOPDIR via the environm...
2003-07-30 Chris LarsonComplete TODO item, allow -c/--cmd option for oemake...
2003-07-30 Chris LarsonCheck for .oe files in current dir in oemake execution.
2003-07-30 Chris LarsonComplete TODO items related to execution of oebuild...
2003-07-29 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO with more extensive requirements for upstre...
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonPrevent an infinate recursion case
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonAllow deletion of prepends/appends items
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonRemove debug output
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonGive .oe files the ability to add items to oefiles...
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: vars_from_fn handling in the case of a filename...
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonRevamp bits of the variable set from filename
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonPreserve current path
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonAllow seperate build dir from src
2003-07-28 Chris LarsonAdjustments to current path to facilitate better intera...
2003-07-28 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-07-25 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-07-25 Chris LarsonComplete a few TODO items for functionality in an upstr...
2003-07-14 Chris LarsonUpdate documentation, and make use of doctest, for...
2003-07-14 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-07-10 Chris LarsonRename oemake the make spawn tool to prevent namespace...
2003-07-10 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: Handle uncompressed patches properly
2003-07-09 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-07-09 Chris LarsonMove .oe/.conf obtaining into the handler rather than...
2003-07-09 Chris LarsonUpdate OEFILES based on cmdline files in oemake
2003-07-09 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: dont require write access to .conf files
2003-07-09 Chris LarsonAllow passing 'dirs' in, in exec_func. needed by the...
2003-07-09 Chris LarsonRevamp our _prepend/_append handling to fix the major...
2003-07-07 Chris LarsonTeach 'include' lines from .oe/.conf/.oeclass to be...
2003-07-07 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO.. add a couple items and remove the complet...
2003-07-07 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-07-07 Chris LarsonChange a copy to a deepcopy to fix a bug in package...
2003-07-07 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: uncomment a miscommented block :)
2003-07-07 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-07-03 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-07-03 Chris LarsonTeach oemake to handle wildcards in OEFILES
2003-07-03 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: make INHERIT work.
2003-07-02 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: oedir vs topdir was breaking filesdir
2003-07-02 Chris LarsonBUGFIX: 1) wasnt expanding OEFILES, 2) was aborting...
2003-07-02 Chris LarsonAdd an emit_var convenience function
2003-07-02 Chris Larson(no commit message)
2003-07-02 Chris LarsonUpdate oebuild usage information
2003-07-02 Chris LarsonUpdate TODO
2003-07-02 Chris LarsonAdd -v/--version cmdline opt to oebuild
2003-07-02 Chris LarsonTurn on SCCS flag
2003-07-01 Chris LarsonAdd /usr/share/oe to the end of oepath regardless....