2015-03-25 Andreas bump version to 1.5 master 1.5
2015-03-06 Andreas Monznerset a flag to detect new images with support for new...
2014-10-11 Andreas Oberritterallow dm7020hdv2 to be passed as arch, initialize header
2012-11-01 Andreas MonznerNFI3 header is dm7020hd specific
2012-11-01 Andreas Monzneradd support for dm7020hd nand flashes with 128K erase...
2012-03-27 Andreas Oberritterbuildimage: add option --hw-ecc
2012-03-26 Andreas OberritterAdd option --raw to get raw output without nfi structure
2011-09-01 ghostwe use NFI2 as image header for images built with ...
2011-05-19 ghostadded support for hw ecc, fixed jffs2 cleanmaker endian...
2011-03-21 Andreas Oberrittertry to fix segfault on debian sid caused by use of...
2011-03-14 Andreas Oberritteradd help, remove -l, fix size check, allow empty partitions
2011-03-14 Andreas Oberritterrestore binary compatibility with previous versions
2011-03-12 Andreas Oberritterfix linked list
2011-03-11 Andreas Oberritteruse command line parameters
2011-02-15 Andreas Oberritteruse (flashsize/16)-1 MB for large flash boot partitions
2010-12-13 Andreas Oberritteruse autoconf/automake
2010-12-13 Andreas OberritterInitial commit