fix not working autoresolution plugin without restart e2
[enigma2-plugins.git] / ac3lipsync /
2010-01-11 Torsten LinkSwitch de <-> en Screenshots, update descriptions
2010-01-02 Andreas Monznersmall fixes (this fixes false positive displaying of...
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-12-18 Torsten LinkUpdate german translation
2009-12-18 Torsten LinkVersion 1.1: New Interface. Bar is now vertical, and...
2009-12-18 Torsten LinkVersion updated
2009-12-17 Torsten LinkChange MovableScreen a little bit. Use MovableSceenActions.
2009-12-03 Mladen Horvat- add meta dir to makefiles and build process
2009-12-03 Mladen Horvat- add meta informations for upcoming extension manager...
2009-12-03 Andreas Monzneradd replaces and conflicts
2009-11-26 Torsten LinkFix bug with no more existing AC3positioner
2009-11-26 Torsten Linkupdate german translation
2009-11-26 Torsten Linkfix images
2009-11-25 Torsten Linkfix images
2009-11-25 Torsten LinkVersion 1.0b2: Made moving- code reusable. Rework skin...
2009-11-23 Andreas Monzneradd missing pngs
2009-11-23 Torsten Linkcorrect img- path
2009-11-22 Torsten LinkVersion 1.0b1: Let the user set the global delay. Let...
2009-11-07 Torsten LinkVersion 0.9: Correct issue, when global delay was set...
2009-10-27 Andreas Monznersmall fix for ac3 in movies
2009-10-26 Andreas MonznerDTS is always passthru
2009-10-20 Torsten LinkUse <center> for screens (ToDo: Make Plugin- Screen...
2009-09-29 Torsten LinkUpdate turkish locale. Thanx to MytHoLoG
2009-09-18 Torsten LinkUpdate dutch language. Thanx to Benny
2009-09-11 Torsten LinkAdd serbian language. Thanx to majevica
2009-09-09 Torsten LinkUpdate Version Number to 0.8 (forgot it on last commit)
2009-08-29 Torsten LinkUpdate italian language. Thanx to spaelaus
2009-08-10 Torsten LinkVersion 0.8: No more stop- service for 800/8000 because...
2009-07-30 Torsten LinkUpdate italian language. Thanx to spaelaus
2009-07-28 Torsten LinkAllow negative delays
2009-04-24 Torsten LinkAdded turkish translation. Thanx to MytHoLoG
2009-04-17 WeeGullDutch translation by Benny
2009-04-14 Torsten LinkUpdate it translation. Thanx Spaeleus
2009-04-14 Torsten LinkFinally added fi translation - thanx TimoJ
2009-03-12 Torsten LinkFix wrong display of delay in menu. Thanx to Spaeleus
2009-03-12 Torsten LinkUpdate Italian Translation. Thanx to Spaeleus
2009-03-04 Torsten LinkAdded menu and moved functions for user-defined keys...
2009-03-04 Torsten Linkadded configurable activation delay to allow multiple...
2009-03-03 Moritz Vennfix some gettext problem
2009-03-03 Moritz Vennfix smaller inconsistency with translations
2009-03-03 Torsten Linkmake some composite strings translatable, changed color...
2009-03-03 Torsten Linkmodified german translation, added italian translation...
2009-03-01 Torsten Linkfix crash on Key 0
2009-03-01 Torsten Linkupdate german translation
2009-03-01 Moritz Vennsmaller cleanups,
2009-03-01 Moritz Venninstall *.png
2009-03-01 Moritz Vennfix path in two more places ;)
2009-03-01 Torsten Linkfix plugin location: Not SystemPlugins but Extensions
2009-03-01 Moritz Vennfix path in two places,
2009-03-01 Torsten Linkremoved unneccessary
2009-02-28 Torsten LinkChecked in new ac3lipsync plugin