Fix some wrong locale path definitions and disable own locale handling inside Network...
[enigma2-plugins.git] / aihdcontrol /
2011-01-16 mortymerging refs/remotes/origin/master into HEAD
2011-01-10 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-10 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-08 valiJan(mounth) fixed (second time)
2011-01-06 valiset correct release number vor Ai.HD
2011-01-06 valifix Jan
2011-01-02 valifix utf-8 encoding for the mounths Jan. and Mar.
2010-12-30 michaelMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://drmichael...
2010-12-29 valinew SIB for Ai.HD.controller and add nl.po to EasyMedia
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterfix file permissions of non-executable files
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterupdate build scripts
2010-12-06 Vali Jordanrecognize 800se in the MaxTemp renderer
2010-12-06 Vali Jordanadd new oled screens for 800se
2010-11-15 Vali Jordanremove Suomipoeka main screen
2010-10-29 Vali Jordanfix hd-font, add new epglist and channellist style
2010-10-24 Vali Jordanmake more place vor vhdRendVideoSize
2010-10-24 Vali Jordanadd BluesOfDream style
2010-10-02 Vali Jordanset new release number
2010-10-02 Vali Jordanupdate SmartInfo-Converter
2010-09-21 Mladen HorvatPlugins-Meta: rework plugin meta files and prepare...
2010-09-11 Dario Crocimake xgettext happy ;-)
2010-08-19 Vali Jordanfix release-info typo
2010-08-19 Vali JordanOLED style selection implemented
2010-08-18 Vali Jordan2 new styles implemented and nextEvent in PiG-ChannelSe...
2010-08-13 Vali Jordanadd PiG-setting, add MaxTemp to Movieplayer-screen...
2010-08-09 Vali Jordantranslate weekday and months in DE,ES and IT
2010-07-05 Vali Jordanchange the pluginnames for display correctly in Softwar...
2010-07-02 Vali Jordanadd beyonddreams-hd data file
2010-05-31 Vali JordanBeyondDreams and WhiteLine new styles uploadet
2010-05-18 Vali JordanAdapt the NetworkAdapterSelection screen to the CVS...
2010-05-01 Vali JordanAi.HD-Controler first upload into CVS.