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2009-01-25 Rico Schulteremove inline license
2009-01-25 Rico Schulteadd LICENSE
2008-11-28 Rico Schulteusing session.instantiateDialog to show the antiscrollb...
2008-10-18 Rico Schulteadding HD profile
2008-07-04 Rico Schultefixing building of config file
2007-09-22 Rico Schulteadding Icons in WHERE_PLUGINMENU
2007-07-23 Andreas Monznerimport cleanup
2007-06-05 Rico Schulte- moved AntiScrollbar.conf to /etc/enigma2 to have...
2007-01-11 Felix Domkerestructure a bit, add autoconf/automake for movietagge...
2007-01-05 Rico SchulteIntital CVS Version
2006-12-22 Rico SchulteIntital CVS Version