Fix some wrong locale path definitions and disable own locale handling inside Network...
[enigma2-plugins.git] / automatictimerlistcleanup /
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterfix file permissions of non-executable files
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterupdate build scripts
2010-11-04 Dario Crociupdate for italian translation
2010-10-24 Dr.Bestadded options for 4 and 6 weeks for automatic timerlist...
2010-09-21 Mladen HorvatPlugins-Meta: rework plugin meta files and prepare...
2010-04-18 Dario Crociadded italian locale
2010-04-14 Dr.Bestshorter menu caption
2010-04-14 Dr.BestAutomaticTimerlistCleanup plugin - initial checkin