update italian translation and sync pot with source (thanks spaeleus!)
[enigma2-plugins.git] / googlemaps /
2008-11-16 Rico Schulteadding new files
2008-11-16 Rico Schultededicated to seddi
2008-11-16 Rico Schulteremove outdated kwargs, ading default image f 404 rece...
2008-11-16 Rico Schulteoverlay 404 pic
2008-11-16 Rico Schulteprovide license
2008-11-15 Rico Schulteforce all results of skin calculations to integers
2008-11-12 Rico Schulteresize screen to 90% of Desktopsize and center it on...
2008-10-25 Rico Schultedos2unix
2008-10-18 Rico Schulte-adding configscreen
2008-10-10 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-10-10 Rico Schulteadding a Google Maps Client